AVATAR – Through the Eyes of an Entrepreneur

Recently, I saw James Cameron’s newest blockbuster movie, Avatar. I watched it not once, but twice. Yes – it was that good. And, believe it or not, I have been contemplating seeing it a third time. While some have dubbed it as “political” and others as a “religious heresy”…

…I saw it through the eyes of an entrepreneur.

There are so many deep messages woven into the script that it is amazing. The visual effects are outstanding; the acting is amazing; and the message timeless. While, there were several outstanding concepts that can relate to developing your business and maintaining the entrepreneurial mindset,  I only want to focus on a few I found most profound today.

Entrepreneurs must have vision and be able “to see” what the average person does not see.

The inhabitants of Pandora (Navi) continually refer to “seeing the forest”, or “seeing another person”. This concept means to look beyond the surface and see what the average person can not, and does not, see. It essentially means to “see into”.

Entrepreneurs must be diligent and determined to “see into” their business and understand those things hidden to the average human eye.

Entrepreneurs must transition their focus from the natural world, to the dream world.

At one point in the movie, Jake Sully awakes from his Avatar capsule with this thought: “Everything is backwards now, like out there is the true world and in here is the dream”. Profound! His dream world, was now his reality and his reality his dream world.

Entrepreneurs must live and walk in their dreams until they become more real than the non-dream.

Entrepreneurs must not let what others think of their ability to be successful in fulfilling their dreams influence their pursuit of those dreams.

Throughout the movie the inhabitants of Pandora (Navi) continually taunt Jake Sully’s Avatar by calling him a “dream-walker” and doubting the ability of a “dream-walker” to be able “to see” into the forest well enough to understand it. Jake Sully’s determination, however proves them wrong, and he keeps working and seeking to understand the ways of the Pandora until he does “see” as they do.

Entrepreneurs must not let the “naysayers” or the opinions of others influence them in abandoning the pursuit of the vision they have for their business.

If you haven’t seen this movie – I highly recommend it. I would encourage you to not watch it as an average movie goer, but to watch it through the eyes of an entrepreneur.

If you have seen it, please leave some comments below and let me know your thoughts.  Were there any entrepreneurial “ah-ha” moments for you?  What were they?

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  1. Krista, When I went to see this movie with my kids, I did not know exactly what to expect. All I can say is, I was blown away! The film’s message is timeless, which is why I believe it became a world-wide phenomenon. People are hungry for the scope of a story like this, one in which roles are well-defined for men and women and there is a Tribe — a community — that is grounded in what matters: love of each other, love of the earth, and an awe-inspiring reverance for the Spirit.
    Thanks for sharing the insights you gained from seeing this movie.
    Mary Lou
    .-= Mary Lou Kayser´s last blog ..ANOTHER Sneaky Way to Burn Extra Calories When Working in Front of Your Computer =-.

  2. Such an amazing movie! Great post Krista! The movie also made me realize how important enjoying the present moment is. I think sometimes us entrepreneurs get wrapped up in our dreams that we forget to enjoy and appreciate the things we already have!

  3. Absolutely Awesome, Krista!

    After reading this post, I am regretting that I didn’t see Avatar on 3-D IMAX?!

    I cannot wait when this movie comes out on video and I’ll be sure to put my Entrepreneurial Spectacles ON!

    .-= Tone Floreal´s last blog ..Self Confidence: Taking Matter Into Your Own Hands =-.

  4. Hi Krista,
    I couldn’t agree with you more and it was actually quite enlightening reading your perspective on the movie Avatar. I also have to say it is my favorite movie at present (will be hard to top!). Regarding holding your dreams and to be around those who support and encourage you, I feel this is so important. I think that in most cases our friends and family mean well and feel they are doing a service to us but little do they see and I mean really see where our hard work will take us if they just believe! I have learnt to not speak too much in regards to what I am doing to certian poeple – I would rather they see my resuts for themselves eventually! Thank you for a wonderul post.


    Muna 🙂

    • @Yamuna, Hi Muna.
      Right you are. There are certain folks that will try and “rain on your parade” if you let them. I choose to enjoy the rain and just smile at them when they do this. So, I guess when friends and family try to rain on our parade because they don’t understand what we are doing, we can just smile and “dance in the rain” while they watch.

      Hugs back at ya!

  5. I aggree with some of your other commentators – I wasn’t really interested in seeing the show, but with your insight, maybe I will – well, when it comes out on DVD 🙂
    I’m impressed with your blog! Alot of great reading! Thank you!
    .-= Linda G Cox´s last blog ..Create a wonderful life: let go of your pain =-.

    • Hey Linda
      Absolutely…it’s a must see. I do highly recommend the IMAX 3D experience for this movie…with all the extras in graphics and the effects it really makes a world of difference. The script is powerful on it’s own and the acting is fantastic….the effects and graphics….SUPER AWESOME. If you can catch the IMAX 3D….trust me it’s worth it!!!

  6. Love this Krista!!

    I saw it twice as well, and as an entrepreneur, I totally saw it the same way as you did!! Such an AMAZING movie, with an INCREDIBLY PROFOUND message!!

    It REALLY is all about seeing things differently that makes us stand out from the rest!! 😉

    Thank you for putting your insight out there, this is the first blog of yours that I’ve read, and I’m hooked on the Krista Abbott brand already!!

    Keep up the awesome work!! 🙂


    • Hey Jomo! Thanks for stopping by!!! I appreciate your warm words here. I’ve actually seen the movie again since this post (I just can’t seem to get enough of it) and have EVEN MORE insights about the entrepreneurial mindset. I am thinking about sharing some more…just need to find a way to craft the message so as not to create a “spoiler effect” for those that haven’t seen it yet. Look forward to connecting with you more.

  7. Glad I read this post before I saw the movie! I’m still slackin on that… but at least now I’ll be sure to see it through the eyes of an entrepreneur! Haha 🙂

    Talk soon,

    .-= Garrett Miller´s last blog ..Online Marketing has no “Friends & Family” Plan =-.

    • Right on Garrett! You will love it. There are many more powerful messages in the movie for entrepreneurs, I just didn’t want to create “spoilers” for folks by sharing them all. I look forward to hearing what you get out of it when you do go.

  8. Such a awesome post that I’m coming back to make a second attempt at commenting!!

    As someone that is NOT a fan of TV and movies, I tend to shrug most movies off. Avatar was starting to get my attention from a technical appreciation of the graphics. However, it wasn’t until I read your post!

    As Napoleon Hill so famously (and accurately) stated, what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. In this way, we must see beyond what is under our nose, and envision what we desire, we must act and FEEL in the state of our intended results, and then move only to inspired action. It sounds like this movie is a powerful reminder of that!

    Thanks so much for sharing!
    .-= Kimberly Castleberry´s last blog ..The FTC Changes & You: Protecting Your Business =-.

    • Kimberly,
      Love that statement by Napoleon Hill. You hit the nail on the head there. I look forward to hearing your take on the movie once you see it.

  9. Sounds magical! I must go see this movie soon and will look at it through the eyes of an entrepreneur. Wonderful analogies and reminders to look beyond the surface and follow our dreams, no matter what.

    • Yes Jennifer!! Go! 🙂
      It is wonderful. I’m taking my nieces to see it this afternoon when they get out of school. That’s 3 times for me. I may just come back with more “entrepreneurial insights”.

    • jean
    • 20 Jan

    Hi Krista,
    I havn’t seen the movie but after reading this ,
    I will certainly be going to see it.
    it is true there are always people that will steal your dreams
    thanks for sharing

    • @jean, Hey Jean. Thanks for stopping by to comment. I know you will enjoy the movie, and I look forward to hearing what you think after you do.

      You are right, dream stealers are always lurking around trying to dull our passion, but our determination and persistence can drive them away and keep us focused on success.

  10. Absolutely Krista there is a dream stealer almost everywhere you look and I can see you have a great business mindset for an entrepreneur. Live life to enjoy and follow your passion!

    Now, I must go see this AVATAR!

  11. Interesting view on an Awesome movie!

    I like it ! Both your view and the movie. One of the best movies from the last decade!
    I’m definitely gonna see it again soon as well. I did see it in 3D which probably enhanced the experience even more.

    Keep it up Krista!

    Dr Jon
    .-= Jon Alfredsson´s last blog ..Social Media Tribes Buzz – 10 Recent Top Blog Posts =-.

  12. Hey Krista! I haven’t seen this movie yet, but the more I hear about it the more interested I am in it. Thanks for sharing such and interesting and relevant perspective on the movie. It is definitely important in business and in life in general to not allow others to interfere with what you believe you are capable of.
    .-= Melissa Wright´s last blog ..How to start a blog (Part 1) =-.

    • @Melissa Wright, Hey Melissa. You got it. We have to guard our sphere of influence and make sure that the people we let speak into our lives be people of like vision and passion – to keep the fire burning strong and the focus on the goal dominate.

  13. Great Post Krista…I needed to read this as I had two conversations this weekend with people who are extremely close to me, who do not get or even share my vision…

    One is a business owner and has the corporate mindset…He was open to hearing what I have to say, but the corporate mindset, did not allow him to see the opportunities that lie ahead for the necessities of blogging and tribe syndication in today’s online world.

    The other was could only see how all my hard work effected the present. There was no vision on what all this hard work means for the future. It is important to stick to your guns, for YOURSELF…Thanks Krista
    .-= Nick Logan´s last blog ..By: Beth Hewitt =-.

    • @Nick Logan, Nick
      This is something so many of us experience. Thanks for sharing yours with the community here. So true, we have to stick to it for US, even when people don’t understand what we are doing or why we are doing it. They just don’t “see” as we “see”…and that’s OK. Keep your vision clear and focused my friend – you are doing great things and setting an example for the rest of us. I appreciate all you have taught me…and I know many others who feel the same.

  14. Wonderful post Krista!

    We’ll have to check out that movie. You are correct on so many other points as well and it’s nice to have people with your mindset as a friend.

    Keep promoting the good content!

    Dave and Dawn
    .-= Dave and Dawn´s last blog ..Knowledge – The “NEW” Money =-.

    • Thanks Dave and Dawn. Let me know what you think of the movie after you see it. 🙂
      Appreciate you guys so much! Keep it real.

  15. I like the angle that you took
    form this, I never thought of
    this way.

    Sometimes it is very hard to
    be an entrepreneur and we need
    to look at it from a different

    • Donny – thanks for the comments. I totally agree – perspective for an entrepreneur is ultra-important! Keep making an impact in our world. You Rock!

  16. Great take on the movie!

    You know you are living the life
    of an entrepreneur when yo are
    seeing this just like you saw this

    Keep it cool:)
    .-= Eric Goldstein´s last blog ..STOP Looking At People Like Dollar Signs… =-.

  17. Thanks for posting such a detailed summary of what one can expect when we view this movie.

    I have yet to get to the theatre but do think it is one of those movies that are a must see on the big screen.

    .-= Steve Hachey´s last blog ..Lego Lesson With My 4 Year Old….. =-.

    • Steve – Yes indeed, big screen all the way for this one. I highly recommend the IMAX 3D experience. It’s even more awesome that way! 🙂

  18. My family tried to convince me to go see the movie but I wasn’t interested. However, after reading your post, maybe I’ll go after all. Thanks for the movie review and the inside look from the eyes of an entrepreneur.
    .-= Debbie Turner´s last blog ..Social Media Cruise Event With “Who’s Who In Online Marketing” =-.

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