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Inspire With Fire #195: Favor Keys Revealed

Have you ever been frustrated and stuck? Feeling like no one understands your gift or how awesome you really are at what you do? What you may be missing are the favor keys we are going to talk about today! Today I am going to be sharing with you some strategic keys to help you unlock favor over your life and your business.

What Does It Mean To Partner With God?

As God’s partners, created in his image—we have the ability within us to create something, to envision (or dream) of new things, and pull them from our imagination into reality with our words and actions. We have the ability to have authority in a particular area that God has called us to influence.

Prophetic Word: Go Ahead and Jump!

The new year has arrived and the prophetic word for this month is “Go Ahead and Jump!” God is saying that we are now crossing over into a season where it is not only safe to jump and take that leap of faith that you have been thinking about taking for such a long time, but it is now required that we jump in order to be in the overflow of what He is pouring…

Prophetic Word: It’s Time for a Summer Jamboree

Summer Jamboree Summer is here and that means parties, celebrations and all sorts of fun festivities with family and friends! Summer also presents a time for us to explore new territory, set out on adventures, and try new and exciting things ... summer is a time for Jamboree! When I began asking the Lord what He wanted to say this month, He began to paint a picture for me of my high school years (which seems like yesterday to be honest) and spoke the word "Jamboree." I immediately began to get a visual of those spring and summer football games…

Prophetic Word: March in May

March in May I hear the Spirit of God saying “March in May, March in May.” In the distance, there are footsteps moving in a rhythmic fashion—as if an army of warriors is moving into position. This is not an army moving to fight, but an army moving to inhabit and assume authority. For the battle has already been decided. These are special forces aligning with their assignment for the coming season. These are those called to a new movement, those reserved for a season of transition in the Kingdom of God. These are the footsteps of you, your children,…

Prophetic Word: Advance—Revival Fires Are Intensifying

  Prophetic Word: Advance—Revival Fires Are Intensifying The word the Lord is speaking for the month of April is “Advance.” He is saying advance because revival fires are intensifying and it is time to press in to the heavens—just as a military unit would advance on the battlefield, we must advance in the spirit. This, however, is not a battle. This has already been decided and is already on the move, but in order to stay in cadence with the rhythm of heaven, we must advance with the Spirit of God. I have been tapping into (feeling) the atmosphere of…

Prophetic Word: Move In March

 Prophetic Word: Move In March The prophetic word for the month of March is “Move.” There is a lot God wants to say about this for us this month, but first let me explain the delay in the release of this message … because it is relevant to where God is going to take us. Honestly, I have had the word in my spirit since late February, but I was not “released” to share it until now. As the days of the month ticked away, I kept saying “Lord, is it today?”  No response. And then the next day, we would repeat…