Prophetic Word: How to Move Forward


The prophetic word for the month of February 2017 is “Forward.” So, this month we are going to talk about how you can move forward into what God has for your life.

As I began praying about the prophetic word God wanted me to share with you this month, He said one word:  “Forward.” I thought there should be more, because if you look back over the prior months words, you will see there are generally at least three words that all connect together to form one picture for the month—sometimes as many as five words.

These “words” typically form some sort of an action plan or inspire motion in a common direction. That’s just how God has been working with me over the past several months.

But things shifted this month when the only word I got was “Forward.”  And I have waited until now to share it because, honestly—I was waiting for the “more” … asking him daily, “what else God?” And, He just kept saying “forward.”

Prophetic Word for February 2017

So here is what the Lord is saying about the word “forward” this month.

The Spirit of God says, “This is a month to move forward. You have cleaned the slate, you have made room for Me, you have set plans, you have established your purpose, you have taken the time to prepare, and you have even started to move toward what I have called you to do. (See December and January’s prophetic words for more insight on this.)

“But now, is the time to move forward. The tracks have been laid and the preparations have been made. Now is the time to move forward. It is time to put legs to your faith, it is time to place your foot on the accelerator of destiny and move forward.

“Many of you reading this have been through various trials, tests of your faith, and have undergone much cleansing of the soul. You are ready. This is the season, and the time is NOW to move FORWARD.

“Do not look back, do not think the way you used to and do not remember the days of old with a wistful desire for them in your heart. That was then, this is now, and behold I am doing a new thing. This new thing will be unlike anything you have ever seen or experienced before.

“But forget all that—it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See I have already begun! Do you not see it?”  Isaiah 43:18 NLT

“It is a season of refreshing, a season of refining, a season of revival. These will bring new hope, new energy, and a new and fresh impartation of My spirit to those who have prepared, to those who have made room for me to move in their lives. I will not delay. Heaven is on ready, the doors are open, the gates have swung open wide, and My Heavenly Hosts (angels) are on the move in the Earth.

It is a time for you to arise and step up into the destiny that I have called you to. It is time for you to fulfill your role and do your part in this Earth for my Kingdom,” says the Lord.  “It is not a time for you to watch, it is not a time for you to observe. Step out of the grand stands of life, and into the field, move forward beloved. Move forward. Move forward!

As you charge forward, your enemy will push back. Move forward anyway. As you move forward, there may be resistance from those around you, move forward anyway. Move forward without fear!

How strong are you?

I have prepared you for such a time as this. You have My strength within you. You have My armies fighting for you. You have My hand of safety and protection around you. Lean in and listen to what My Spirit is saying to you, and Move Forward. Move Forward in the direction I show you. Move Forward on the path I have laid out before you and you will be blessed. You will be favored. You will see much success. Move Forward on the path of the Spirit.

Withhold nothing in this season, withhold nothing. Give your all and I will give my all.

“For the Lord God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.” Psalm 84:11 NLT

This is your season beloved, this is your season to move forward!”


Thank you Father for your word to us this month! 

Friend, I have to tell you that is a powerful word from the Lord to us this month. I know moving forward can sometimes feel scary, especially when you stand on the edge of a cliff and the only way to the other side is one of those shaky rope bridges you see in jungles.  But, even on the shaky rope bridge, the Spirit of the Living God is with you. His hand is on you this month to move forward into what He has called you to do and what He has shown you for your future.

Now, I want to activate this prophetic word over you by praying a prayer for you:

“Father, I thank you for this powerful prophetic word this month. I thank you for the encouragement to move forward into what you have called us to do.  I pray for every person reading this message this month, and I ask that you would bless them with supernatural faith to move forward in the plans that you have placed in their heart.

I ask that you would illuminate the path before them that has been paved by your Spirit. I ask that you would help them make the right decisions and grant them access to the Spirit of Wisdom for the days ahead of them. Bless my friends, Father. We say “yes” to moving forward! We say “yes” to what you are doing in this season and we thank you for being our sun and our shield. We thank you for giving us grace for glory. And we thank you for withholding no good thing from us as we follow you. Bless my friends this month in Jesus name!”

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Moving Forward in God,

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