Prophetic Word: It’s Time for a Summer Jamboree

Summer Jamboree

Summer is here and that means parties, celebrations and all sorts of fun festivities with family and friends! Summer also presents a time for us to explore new territory, set out on adventures, and try new and exciting things … summer is a time for Jamboree!

When I began asking the Lord what He wanted to say this month, He began to paint a picture for me of my high school years (which seems like yesterday to be honest) and spoke the word “Jamboree.”

I immediately began to get a visual of those spring and summer football games and sporting events, where the teams would gather and practice their skills for the coming season. Now anyone familiar with the south, where I grew up, knows that there are only two seasons … football season and getting ready for football season.

Jamborees were played in the “getting ready for football season” time of year. It kept the players sharp, the coaches employed, and the fans entertained year round.

What God Is Saying

So, as I began to explore the meaning of “June Jamboree” and “July Jamboree” with the Lord, He enlightened me a bit on the spiritual side of things. So this is what the Lord is saying for the summer …

“This summer I am providing for my people a Jamboree season. It is a season for you to practice your spiritual gifts, to hone your skills, to have fun and enjoy growing deeper in the things of the spirit. For the season of revival is quickly approaching, and I need all of my people prepared, practiced, and sharpened in their skills. This is a season to prepare, but have fun doing it. Practice and enjoy the time of preparation.

It is not a rehearsal, nor is it a practice run; it is a real movement of my spirit flowing across the nations to prompt the sharpening of skills, to enhance the training you have received through your lifetime of experiences.

It is time to begin getting out of the stands, to cease being entertained, and to enter the game. Come onto the playing field of revival and prepare for the season that is ahead.

It is time for a Jamboree in the spirit, it is time to celebrate and prepare for what is already moving in the Earth. Move into this season with gladness and joy in your heart. Move into this season with a determination to master the skills set before you and to entertain those who have gone before you to prepare the way, those who are now seated in the grand stands of heaven cheering you on!

It is the summer of Jamboree. It is a summer of celebration. It is a summer of festivities. It is a summer of fun and exuberant preparation for the season ahead. It is a summer to rally together and practice your skills. It is a summer to prepare with fun for the coming revival season! Begin and enjoy your June And July Jamboree.”

Amen! Wow, another great word from the Lord for this summer!


In order to activate this prophetic word in your life right now, I encourage you to head out into your world, into your playing field of work, community, neighborhood … wherever your every day life exists, and show someone love, give them an encouraging word, display random acts of kindness.

If you encounter someone who is sick or in pain, then ask them if you can pray for them. If you see someone discouraged, then tell them God loves them.

Practice the spiritual gifts God has given you, go out and BE His hand extended to those around you. And most importantly, celebrate and have fun doing it. This is your season to practice in real time and prepare for the revival season fast approaching.

And who knows … you doing these things may just usher revival into your life and ignite your heart for more of God in ways you never imagined possible! It’s an exciting season we are living in!

Be blessed in this Jamboree Season,

Krista Abbott

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