Core Values


I approach every person and every situation with the mindset and intention of loving and accepting them unconditionally and free of judgment. I love to love people and make them feel good about themselves. I believe that every person is born to love and be loved. I believe we are created in the image of God, who personifies love and it is woven into the fabric of our DNA to be walking examples of His love to those around us.


A fire burns inside of me for the truth to be known and for people to be set free from false and limiting beliefs. A fire, when properly tended can serve to purify, propel, and promote. My desire is to help you find that fire within so that you can tap into the driving force that will push you into a full pursuit of your dreams.


By effectively leading myself and working toward self-growth in every area of work and life, then I can more adequately lead and inspire those around me. I believe solid leadership is at the core of every individual and business success. A person can not lead others, until they first learn to lead themselves. This is why I have made it my life-long focus to develop and grow my own leadership potential.


I believe in a culture of honor and choose to recognize the giftedness in every person I encounter. Every person was created by God and carries his DNA inside of them, therefore they are worthy to be treated with honor. When we honor others, we honor God, and when we dishonor others, we dishonor God. I choose to honor the people I encounter by recognizing their uniqueness, their giftedness, and the beauty they bring to Earth. I choose to help them see their strength and help them discover WHO THEY ARE and who they were created to be. I choose to honor their choices, their views, and opinions, even when I disagree.


I am compelled to inspire people to discover and fulfill their purpose and pursue their dreams and passions in life. I believe God breathes inspiration into the hearts and souls of each of us when we arrive on the planet, and that we come here with a purpose inside of us. Part of the joy in the journey of life is walking the path of discovery to find what that purpose is, and then being ignited with a driving passion to “go for it.” My passion is to be an instrument to inspire and ignite people to do that—”to go for it!”


I love to grow and learn new things,I believe we grow from every experience in life, and I take a proactive role in self-growth and development. I enjoy expanding my horizons and branching out into things that are uncomfortable or unfamiliar, to explore my inner world and discover areas I need to expand. I willingly and openly admit my mistakes and shortcomings, and take personal responsibility for them. I don’t believe we are defined by the mistakes we make in life, but by how we learn and grow from those mistakes. You win some, you learn some, but you never lose anything, as long as you grow.