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Speaking with Passion and Purpose ▾

I speak with passion, purpose and intention … to inspire and ignite the audience to take action in pursuing and creating their best life. As an experienced speaker, and seasoned trainer in both the business and faith based areas, I have the ability to take the audience on a journey that provides hope and encouragement for their divine future.

My casual and transparent style helps people connect with their greater purpose and ignites them to pursue the passion and purpose they were created for. Delivering a message of love, hope, and healing to create inspiration that unlocks destiny and leads to a life of significance.

My Influence and Spiritual DNA ▾

I have been personally trained and mentored by the best speakers and top leaders in both the faith based and business arenas. It has been my exposure to these great men and women and their personal mentoring that has helped shaped me into the author, leader, speaker, creator and coach I am today.

I have an apostolic mandate to carry the message of hope and change to the world and I carry within me, an impartation from each of my leaders and mentors—not to duplicate what they do, but to season what I do.

I have been perfectly crafted by God and shaped by His hand of influence to deliver the messages that He has burned in my heart, the messages that bring change and significance to the people who hear them.

My Most Popular Speaking Topics ▾

I am available to speak at women’s events, business seminars, ministry events, business conferences, as well as faith based conferences.

Some of my most popular speaking topics include:

  • - Unlocking Destiny
  • - Pathways to Success
  • - The Greatest Love of All (Self Love)
  • - Overcoming Adversity
  • - Overcoming Betrayal
  • - Picking up the Pieces
  • - Leading You
  • - Lifestyle Design
  • - Intentional Living
  • - Creating a Life of Significance
  • - Connecting the Dots
  • - Connect through Communication
  • - Keys to Breakthrough
  • - Growing through Pain

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