Prophetic Word: Move In March

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 Prophetic Word: Move In March

The prophetic word for the month of March is “Move.”

There is a lot God wants to say about this for us this month, but first let me explain the delay in the release of this message … because it is relevant to where God is going to take us.

Honestly, I have had the word in my spirit since late February, but I was not “released” to share it until now. As the days of the month ticked away, I kept saying “Lord, is it today?”  No response. And then the next day, we would repeat … and I got no green light, until today. And funny thing is today, I didn’t even need to ask, I just knew; I knew because I have learned how God speaks to me personally.

As I grow in the prophetic, I am also learning about proper timing in the release of what He gives me to share. Oftentimes, in our excitement we can get overly zealous and jump ahead of the timing of God, and sometimes that can result in a train wreck—if we aren’t careful. I’ve had plenty of “mess ups” in my walk with God and I am over that—you know what I mean?

So I am super sensitive to being obedient and only moving forward with something when He releases me to do it. Anyway, there is a whole teaching inside of that thought, and I will share more anther time on that, but our purpose today is the March prophetic message. 

Today is the Day

I knew today was the day to release this word to you, when I woke up hearing that Elevation worship song “Here As In Heaven” softly playing in the background of my spirit.  The opening lines of the song say this: 

“The atmosphere is changing now
for the Spirit of the Lord is here
The evidence is all around 
that the Spirt of the Lord is here…”

And, even though we are 12 days into the month already, I knew when God woke me with this song, that NOW was the time to release the March prophetic word—MOVE.

Move In March

So here is what the Lord says about the month of March and moving … 

March has already started out in motion, and the motion is going to continue to increase. There is movement in the Heavens that will be transitioned to the Earth. There are decisions that have been made in Heaven, that will begin to manifest on the Earth. There has been a changing of the guard, a movement of watchmen to strategic locations, and transitions will continue. 

Change is happening and it is time to move. It is time for you to look to Heaven, ensure you are in proper alignment and to move into position for this next season of your life. It is time for you to forget the former ways, and look to the God of Heaven for the new way.

It is time to move from an Earthly culture to a Kingdom culture.

Time is accelerating, and as time accelerates, I [God] must move in rhythm with it. Yes, I control times and seasons, I control the speed and the direction with which things move. But when I begin to move, I will not be stalled … the time has come for my kingdom to advance and for my love and glory to be made manifest in the Earth. 

Just as with the children of Israel, during the Exodus from Egypt … when the cloud, My cloud, moved, then they moved. And, when My cloud, stayed still, they camped. 

“When the Cloud lifted above the Tent, the People of Israel marched out; and when the Cloud descended the people camped. The People of Israel marched at God’s command and they camped at his command. As long as the Cloud was over The Dwelling, they camped. Even when the Cloud hovered over The Dwelling for many days, they honored God’s command and wouldn’t march. They stayed in camp, obedient to God’s command, as long as the Cloud was over The Dwelling, but the moment God issued orders they marched. If the Cloud stayed only from sunset to daybreak and then lifted at daybreak, they marched. Night or day, it made no difference—when the Cloud lifted, they marched. It made no difference whether the Cloud hovered over The Dwelling for two days or a month or a year, as long as the Cloud was there, they were there. And when the Cloud went up, they got up and marched. They camped at God’s command and they marched at God’s command. They lived obediently by God’s orders as delivered by Moses.”  Numbers 9:17-23 MSG

Obedience is Key

I, [God] am moving in March, so it is time for you to march forward with me. Obedience is key in this season. Move only when I move. Stay where I stay. It is critical for your advancement and growth in the glory this season that you are in the place I have called you to be, that you are in the place of my covering and my provision. Move with me.

This is not a time for camping, this is a time for moving, and moving requires action. You must move into proper position, you must keep in tune with the rhythm of Heaven. Perfect rhythm and perfect timing with what I am releasing into the Earth in this season.

This is going to be an amazing and glorious season for those who move with me. I am in motion, the momentum of Glory is increasing in the Earth. Revival is here, revival is ready for release … but you must move with me to experience it. 

Awaken, stir yourselves and move. Move. Move with my Spirit. Move into position. This is not about you, it is not about your agenda, it is about Heaven’s agenda. When you get your agenda in line with My agenda, then you will see the manifestation of Revival in your midst. 

The atmosphere is changing now because My Spirit is Here. The shift you feel in the Spirit is the breeze of movement, the breeze of momentum—just as wind increases when speed increases … my wind is increasing in Earth.

Move with me. Find your position, and get in place. Time is critical. Timing is critical. The Glory train is already moving, and revival fire is already burning [see September 2016 Prophetic Word for more on the Glory Train and Revival Fire.]

Come beloved prepare for the Harvest, prepare for the Glory.”

Take Action

Wow! What an amazing and encouraging word this month! Thank you Father!

Friends, it is time to move, and to move in rhythm with God. I hope now you can see why it was so important that I waited for the right “timing” this month to release this word. It is because I had to wait for the Cloud to move. And God woke me this morning, with a message that His Spirit was on the move. 

So your action steps for this month are:

  • Look for your atmosphere to begin changing over the next several weeks.  
  • Pay attention to the subtle and gentle promptings of the Lord and obey what He places in your Spirit.
  • Ask Holy Spirit to show you any areas of your life that are out of alignment or rhythm with Heaven, and then correct them.

Finally, sow a seed into the glory/anointing that has what it is you are looking for in this next season of your life. That may be your local church, an evangelistic ministry, a prophetic ministry, a healing ministry … give into a ministry or person that has the impartation you need for this season of your life.

If you feel like this word ministered to you and you would like to donate to help keep these messages coming to you, then CLICK HERE to GIVE.


PS.  If you want to take a listen to the Elevation worship song I mentioned earlier, then here is a link for that.  Click Here to Listen and God bless you as you “Move in March!”

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Prophetic Word: How to Move Forward

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February 2017 Prophetic Word: Forward


The prophetic word for the month of February 2017 is “Forward.” So, this month we are going to talk about how you can move forward into what God has for your life.

As I began praying about the prophetic word God wanted me to share with you this month, He said one word:  “Forward.” I thought there should be more, because if you look back over the prior months words, you will see there are generally at least three words that all connect together to form one picture for the month—sometimes as many as five words.

These “words” typically form some sort of an action plan or inspire motion in a common direction. That’s just how God has been working with me over the past several months.

But things shifted this month when the only word I got was “Forward.”  And I have waited until now to share it because, honestly—I was waiting for the “more” … asking him daily, “what else God?” And, He just kept saying “forward.”

Prophetic Word for February 2017

So here is what the Lord is saying about the word “forward” this month.

The Spirit of God says, “This is a month to move forward. You have cleaned the slate, you have made room for Me, you have set plans, you have established your purpose, you have taken the time to prepare, and you have even started to move toward what I have called you to do. (See December and January’s prophetic words for more insight on this.)

“But now, is the time to move forward. The tracks have been laid and the preparations have been made. Now is the time to move forward. It is time to put legs to your faith, it is time to place your foot on the accelerator of destiny and move forward.

“Many of you reading this have been through various trials, tests of your faith, and have undergone much cleansing of the soul. You are ready. This is the season, and the time is NOW to move FORWARD.

“Do not look back, do not think the way you used to and do not remember the days of old with a wistful desire for them in your heart. That was then, this is now, and behold I am doing a new thing. This new thing will be unlike anything you have ever seen or experienced before.

“But forget all that—it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new. See I have already begun! Do you not see it?”  Isaiah 43:18 NLT

“It is a season of refreshing, a season of refining, a season of revival. These will bring new hope, new energy, and a new and fresh impartation of My spirit to those who have prepared, to those who have made room for me to move in their lives. I will not delay. Heaven is on ready, the doors are open, the gates have swung open wide, and My Heavenly Hosts (angels) are on the move in the Earth.

It is a time for you to arise and step up into the destiny that I have called you to. It is time for you to fulfill your role and do your part in this Earth for my Kingdom,” says the Lord.  “It is not a time for you to watch, it is not a time for you to observe. Step out of the grand stands of life, and into the field, move forward beloved. Move forward. Move forward!

As you charge forward, your enemy will push back. Move forward anyway. As you move forward, there may be resistance from those around you, move forward anyway. Move forward without fear!

How strong are you?

I have prepared you for such a time as this. You have My strength within you. You have My armies fighting for you. You have My hand of safety and protection around you. Lean in and listen to what My Spirit is saying to you, and Move Forward. Move Forward in the direction I show you. Move Forward on the path I have laid out before you and you will be blessed. You will be favored. You will see much success. Move Forward on the path of the Spirit.

Withhold nothing in this season, withhold nothing. Give your all and I will give my all.

“For the Lord God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.” Psalm 84:11 NLT

This is your season beloved, this is your season to move forward!”


Thank you Father for your word to us this month! 

Friend, I have to tell you that is a powerful word from the Lord to us this month. I know moving forward can sometimes feel scary, especially when you stand on the edge of a cliff and the only way to the other side is one of those shaky rope bridges you see in jungles.  But, even on the shaky rope bridge, the Spirit of the Living God is with you. His hand is on you this month to move forward into what He has called you to do and what He has shown you for your future.

Now, I want to activate this prophetic word over you by praying a prayer for you:

“Father, I thank you for this powerful prophetic word this month. I thank you for the encouragement to move forward into what you have called us to do.  I pray for every person reading this message this month, and I ask that you would bless them with supernatural faith to move forward in the plans that you have placed in their heart.

I ask that you would illuminate the path before them that has been paved by your Spirit. I ask that you would help them make the right decisions and grant them access to the Spirit of Wisdom for the days ahead of them. Bless my friends, Father. We say “yes” to moving forward! We say “yes” to what you are doing in this season and we thank you for being our sun and our shield. We thank you for giving us grace for glory. And we thank you for withholding no good thing from us as we follow you. Bless my friends this month in Jesus name!”

Thank you for being on this journey with me, and if this word has ministered to you or encouraged you in any way, then I invite you to give a donation as a way of honoring the word from the Lord this month. You can give $43:18 for Isaiah 43:18 or give $84.11 for Psalm 84:11, or whatever amount God places on your heart to show you have faith for what He is doing in your life, and that you are moving forward with Him.  Click here to give now!

Moving Forward in God,

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2017: The Year of Dreams (Plan. Prepare. Pursue.)

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January 2017 Prophetic Word: 2017-The Year of Dreams (Plan. Prepare. Pursue.)

2017 is your year to pursue your dreams, it is the year of dreams coming true.

The month of January is all about preparing to pursue what God has put in your heart to do …
This is a year for dream chasers to arise and pull their dreams into reality.  

The beginning of a new year always involves a time of self reflection and establishing of new goals and priorities for the new year. 

For many there’s just something about the feeling of a clean slate and a nice crisp new calendar that makes us feel like we have a fresh chance to do things we have wanted to do but have not taken time to do, or maybe we have started to do them previously at some point and failed or grew weary, so we backed off. 

Honestly, I have never been one to make resolutions because I saw quickly that the vast majority of the time, they do not get accomplished and many of them fail to make it past the first month of the year before they are lost between the pages of the calendar. 

I have however, always been one to set goals. Goals seem to die less easily than resolutions and typically have a quantifiable end to them and allow wiggle room for adjustments along the way. So goals are my preference, not just for a new year, but for any fresh time in life. 

We all have goals and dreams. #LifeGoals right? 

So, how do we move toward these life goals in such a way that we have the most probability of being able to reach them? 

For the past several months, I have made it a point to ask God specifically … What are you saying for this month? And He has been faithful each and every month to deliver an equation of actionable items to focus on that will move me (and others who read and embrace them) closer to what He wants to bless us with in life.
In fact, I have received testimonies from some who have read these prophetic words, activated them in their lives, and have received amazing results and miracles manifest in their lives.
This month is no exception, in fact I ask God to give me a theme for the year … since this is the first month of 2017. He revealed this to be a year of pursuing forgotten dreams. It is a time to renew dreams, and begin to pull them into reality. 

He said three words to me when I asked him for the prophetic word for this month. He said:
Plan. Prepare. Pursue. The three keys for pulling your dreams into reality are found in these three steps.


Before you can chase a dream, you have to first know the path to get you to where you want to be and have a plan for how you are going to get there. 

You have to know the plan and walk the plan.  

Jeremiah 29:11-13 says this: 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

If you don’t have a plan then seek God, He already has a plan for us and it is a good plan filled with hope and promise for the future. 


Now that you have a plan it’s time to get started with moving toward it. But wait! You can’t just charge forward … In order to do this wisely you have to make some preparation.  You have to prepare for your plan in order for it to be successful.  

Let’s think about this from the perspective of building. A contractor doesn’t just start building a house once they have the plans drawn up. They have to make some preparations first … they have to assemble their crew, get the proper permits, buy the materials, break ground, pour a stable foundation, and so much more. 

A successful plan requires solid preparation. King Solomon said it like this:

“Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house.” Proverbs 24:27 ESV

And the Amplified version adds:  “Establishing your priorities, and proceeding in an orderly manner brings its own reward.” 


When we make plans and proper preparation we are more solidly established for the pursuit of the goals and dreams.

To pursue something means to follow after it, to chase it, to hunt it. When you pursue something you are focused and you are dialed in on what it takes to get you to where you want to be. Your pursuit follows a proven and established plan, your pursuit relies on your preparation … Your pursuit brings the joy of catching and realizing your dreams. 

Even Apostle Paul understood the importance of pursuing.  He said, 

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”  
Philippians 3:14 ESV

Pursuit is about continuing to move forward and never giving up until you obtain the reward (or the prize) at the end. There is a reward, and it is the realization of your dreams … it is walking in the reality of everything you have hoped for and worked toward. The journey makes the pursuit and the reward all the more meaningful.


Keep pressing forward my friends. This is a year for you to plan, prepare, and pursue the dreams that God has placed in your heart. 

Take some time this month and spend it with him, ask him to give you a clear plan, let him help you make the necessary preparations, and then move forward in full pursuit of your heart desires.  

God has favored you this year to receive the reward and to see the manifestation of your dreams. He can bless your plans, He can help you prepare … But YOU are the one who must pursue … That my friend is up to you!! 

I’m cheering for you! 
PS. If you received something from this prophetic word this month then I encourage you to activate it through giving. I have seen and received powerful testimonies from people who have received miracles and amazing manifestations after they activate the prophetic word for the month through giving. I invite you to give your best gift today and sow a seed for the future into this ministry. Click here to give today.

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December 2016 Prophetic Word: Three Words of Wisdom for What God is Releasing Now

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December 2016 Prophetic Word: Three Words of Wisdom for What God is Releasing Now

I have three words of wisdom for you this month that will help you prepare for what God is getting ready to release in the month of December.  This month’s prophetic word is all about releasing, receiving, and recovering.

In the United States, we have entered into the Christmas season, a time marked by the giving and receiving of gifts. It is a season that honors the birth of Jesus Christ, the season commemorating the time God gave His perfect and best gift to humanity.

In honor of this season of giving, God wants to release some new things to you, and this month He is setting you up to release, receive and recover.  I also have a free gift for you at the end of this message, but first, let’s look deeper at what He is saying now and what this means for your life.


The Spirit of God is saying that He wants you to release some things that have been holding you back.  There are things in your life that have been preventing you from moving forward and into the fullness of everything that God has for you and He wants you to let them go in this season.  Just like in the movie, Frozen, you have to “Let It Go” so that love can come in and set you free to enjoy all life has to offer.

Spend some time in prayer this month, and take active steps in the spiritual realm to release things from your environment, from your spirit, and from your life.

This isn’t about losing something, it is about making room for something more, something greater, and something better.  God has better things He wants to bring to you, but you don’t have any room for them as long as you are holding on to the old things.

For some of you this may be literal, perhaps you need to clean out some closets, some cabinets, or other rooms in your home, to release some physical clutter and make room for more of what God has for you.  I’m not talking about more material things, but sometimes your cluttered physical environment can prevent the free flow of the Spirit of God in your home and your life.  Clean it out.

For others, it may be areas of your heart that you need to clean out.  Pray and ask Holy Spirit to search your heart and show you if there is anything hidden there that needs to be dealt with – any unresolved emotions, or conflicts, maybe some areas you need to repent of, or even to release forgiveness to yourself or others for.

For some of you, it may be in the area of relationships.  Are there people that you are spending time with that you know are not on the same life path as you? Are they taking away from your life rather than adding to it? Anyone that is not adding value to your life or encouraging you in your pursuit of God’s purpose and plan for your life may need to be released from your atmosphere.

“He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more.”  John 15:2 NLT

Pray about these areas, and others and ask the Lord to show you what He wants you to release in this season. Let this be a season of releasing the old so that you can make room to receive the new.


The next thing the Lord wants to do for you this season is teach you to receive.  Some people have more trouble doing this than others.  But the Lord wants to pour out gifts on you this month and in order for Him to get them to you, your heart must be ready and open to receive them.

God is releasing new gifts this month – He is assigning new spiritual gifts to you to help you fulfill the plan of God for your life.  He is also revitalizing old gifts, those gifts that have been dormant in your life, He wants to resurrect them in this season and bring them back to life.  Don’t worry, about if you will like it or not.  You will!  Remember, every good gift is from God.

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”  James 1:17 ESV

God is speaking to your spirit man right now and even as you read this – many of you can feel something stirring in your spirit, you feel a tangible manifestation of God’s presence in your body. This is His way of letting you know that He is talking to you right now.

Open your heart and say “Yes” to God.  If you feel this is for you, then pause right here and pray this prayer:

“Father, thank you for your presence with me here today.  I open my heart to receive all that you have for me.  I open my heart to receive the gifts that you are bringing to me this season.  I thank you for the gifts you have already given me.  If there is something in my heart or my life that has prevented me from walking into the fullness of all the gifts that you have placed inside of me, then I ask you to show me now, and give me the strategy I need to begin operating fully in the gifts of the Spirit you have placed on the inside of me.  Father I say “yes” to all of the gifts that you are giving me now.  I say “yes” to the gifts that you have already given me.  And in the name of Jesus I command those sleeping and dormant gifts to awaken and arise.  I ask now, that you activate me by the power of your Holy Spirit to operate fully in the gifts you have given me in Jesus name!”


This is month of recovery.  Many of you are going to recover things you have lost, some precious and valuable things.  Many of you will recover things you did not even know you had lost, but they were stolen from you in the spirit and God wants to bring those things back to you now.  This is a month for recovery.

Angels are being assigned to many of you right now to go out and bring back those things that you have lost. Call on the Host of Heaven (the angelic realm) to bring back those things that were lost.

Some of you will get back actual physical items you lost, some of you will recover a spiritual inheritance that was stolen from your family line in prior generations.  I see God bringing back a spiritual heritage to many of you.  Generational blessings and callings are being recovered right now in the name of Jesus.

Reach out and claim your inheritance in the spirit.

If there are some things you lost, then I encourage you to take those things to the Lord and petition Him for recovery.  There is an anointing on the month of December for recovery.  Ask the Lord for lost things to be returned, for spiritual inheritances that had been stolen from your family line to be returned.  And for lost loved ones to be recovered into the Kingdom of God.

John 3:3 is a scripture for this season

“Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God.”  John 3:3 NLT

I pray that things will begin to move into position for your lost loved ones to be recovered into the Kingdom, not only this month, but in the coming New Year as well.


I want to speak a blessing over you this month.  Open your heart to receive this:

“Father in Jesus name, I bless all my friends and partners reading (or listening) to this prophetic word today.  I ask that you would open their hearts and show them the things they need to RELEASE in this season so that you can bring the new things to them.  I pray that you would reveal to them by the power of your Holy Spirit what it is they need to do in order to prepare for the things you are bringing to them this month and in the months ahead.

God I declare in the name of Jesus that their hearts will be ready to RECEIVE all that you have for them.  I pray that they wound receive the new gifts that you have picked out just for them.  I also ask that those gifts that are asleep or inactive inside of them would be awakened and activated right now in Jesus name!

Lord I declare a season of RECOVERY for my friends and partners right now in Jesus name!  I ask that you would assign angels to each of them to go out and recover the things that have been lost, and to return to them the spiritual heritage of their generational line that was stolen in prior generations.  Prepare their hearts and their lives to release, receive, and recover this month in Jesus name!

As part of the activation of this prophetic word, I encourage you to give a donation (sow a seed) of any size today.  Click Here To Give.

The Bible says in Matthew 10:41, “If you receive a prophet as one who speaks for God, you will be given the same reward as a prophet. And if you receive righteous people because of their righteousness, you will be given a reward like theirs.”

Your gift is one way of receiving or honoring the prophetic word of the Lord, and demonstrates your faith in God’s word to you this month.


In honor of the holiday season, I am extending my offer for a FREE COPY of my e-book “Create Your Life By Design” Volume 1.  This book lays the foundation for  how you can stop living a life by default, and begin living the life that God wants you live … a life that you co-create and design with God Himself.  All you have to do to claim your free copy is CLICK HERE.

Merry Christmas to you!


PS.  Here is the link to give: CLICK HERE TO GIVE.  Here is the link for the Free book:  CLICK HERE FOR FREE BOOK

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November 2016 Prophetic Word: 5 Steps to Prepare for New Assignments

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The prophetic word of the Lord for the month of November is to get things ready for what is ahead, so God has given me 5 steps to help you prepare for the new assignments coming your way in the new year.

As I discussed briefly in last month’s prophetic post, we have just come out of God’s new year season of Rosh Hashanah, which means that we are already in the new year 5777 on God’s timeline. I talked quite a bit about these Holy Days (instead of holidays) in last month’s blog post, so if you haven’t read that yet, you may want to hop over and read it after you finish here. 

But God has some exciting things happening this month and He wants you to get ready to transition into the new things that He is bringing to you. There are 5 things the Spirit of God spoke to me for the month of November, these are things we are to look at, examine, and take steps to complete during this season, so that we are ready for what is coming in the new year.

5 Prophetic Steps for November

Step 1: Clean Things Up and Get Them in Order

God is saying it is time to tie up loose ends and clean things up to prepare for the shifting and transition that will begin this month. Beginning in November, things in your life will begin to shift and re-position you for the next season. It’s time to clean up the outstanding items, empty your inbox, and clear your “to-do” list.

Listen to the direction the Holy Spirit is giving you and begin to take steps to prepare for what He is showing you.  There may be items or commitments that are “loose ends” in your life that you need to take care of before God can transition you to the next place. Remember the way you exit one season determines how you enter another.

Ask Him in prayer to reveal to you what those things are and how you should clean them up, then begin to take the steps He shows you to take in order to finish them and move you forward.

Step 2: Finish What You Started

This is the time to finish up things that you have started in the past, but have failed to complete. We have a window of grace for the finisher’s anointing to manifest in your life right now.

Is there a project you started? A book you have been meaning to write? A phone call you have been putting off? A commitment you have forgotten about?

Search your heart, and ask the Lord to bring back to your remembrance those things that you have started, and then stopped before you finished them. It is time to pick them back up and finish them.

God is imparting a finisher’s anointing into your life right now so that you can complete those things that are outstanding and move forward. If you pay attention each day this month, you will start to feel the momentum for action stirring in your gut … in your spirit.  Don’t ignore that stirring, begin to move with it, and it will ignite the momentum inside of you that is needed to finish.

Make a list of things you have “undone” in your life and start working toward checking off those items and finish them. You are a finisher in this season of time!

Step 3:  Declare

God is saying to begin making declarations to call forth those things that He is showing you in the spirit. There are things that God has spoken to you in the past, and they have not come about yet. This is the season for you to call them forth, to awaken those things that have been asleep inside of you.

How do you awaken them?  You awaken them by the words that you speak.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat it’s fruits.”
Proverbs 18:21 ESV

The words you speak have creative power, and we are in a season of great acceleration in the spirit realm.  So be careful what you declare in this season and watch for rapid manifestation of what you speak to come about.

“You will also decree a thing, and it will be established for you; and light will shine on your ways.
Job 22:28

Write down some declarations regarding the things that God has promised you, that you desire to see come about in your life, or that God has spoken to your heart about, then begin to speak it forth and prophesy it (decree it) over your life.

Step 4: Make Room For Fun

As we crossed from October into November, I had been working long days on various projects I have for my ministry partners and clients. Many days were jam packed and booked solid … I am talking about 12-14 hour days.  It was great, I was excited, and felt the energy and momentum to move the projects forward, but I was getting so caught up in the activity of work, that I was neglecting the life balance.

One day, as I was working, I looked over at my planner/task list and my eyes fell on the slogan written on the hotel pen I was using at the time.  It said “Make room for a little fun.”

Immediately, I knew the Lord was speaking to me prophetically through this pen.  So, I snapped a quick picture of it to share with you here …

Prophetic Pen: “Make Room For A Little Fun”

Then God quickened my heart that this month, in the midst of our increased momentum to finish things and clean up lingering projects, that we should also remember to Make Room For Fun!

Remember as you are doing all you need to do this month, that is important to keep the work/life balance and incorporate some fun in there!  Don’t fill your calendar with busy work, remember your friends, family, and yourself in there as well. Schedule some fun time this month.

Step 5:  Expect Alignment for New Assignments

As I shared in the October prophetic word, new orders and assignments for our lives were issued over the Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur period. These orders have now been issued and distributed to the angelic realm to carry out in the Earth. So, be on the lookout for things to shift in certain areas of your life, as your new orders are issued and handed down from Heaven. The angels are here to help move and position people and situations into proper alignment so that these new assignments can be fulfilled.

Be Encouraged!

I am so very excited about everything God is doing.  And there are so many new things coming your way this year that you may feel like it is hard to keep up!  That’s okay, just know that God is with you and that He has given you Heavenly help, in the unseen realm, so that you can accomplish all that He has called you to accomplish in this season!

Be encouraged and go with God into all He has for you in the new year!


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October Prophetic Word: The Year 5777 & the 7 R’s of October

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October Prophetic Word: The Year 5777 & the 7 R’s of October

October is a very prophetically significant month.  October becomes Roc-tober this year as we transition into a new year on God’s calendar and things begin to shift and change in the heavenly atmospheres.

The Days of Awe begin on October 2 and run for 10 days through sundown on October 12, including the holy days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Personally, for the past five or six years, I have routinely practiced honoring of these days, and I have observed significant shifts happen in my life because of honoring this season.

This year, I am in Phoenix AZ, with the InLight Connection team for the Rosh Hashanah Glory Awakening conference with David Herzog, Doug Addison, and Joshua Mills.

Glory Awakening 2016
Left to Right: Stephanie Herzog, Doug Addison, David Herzog, Joshua Mills, Krista Abbott

I am so excited and can already feel the elevation in the Spiritual Realm

Several of the team, came in early, so we could have some work time before the conference. Since we arrived, there has been an open heaven over our team villa.  In the midst of our working, a heavy presence of the Lord has invaded our workspace and he has been pouring out phenomenal revelation on the team, so much so that it has oftentimes rendered us incapable of working due to the heaviness of God’s presence with us.

This is because the veil between Heaven and Earth is very thin during this time of the year.  New plans are being established, people are being shifted and moved around, and Heaven is active with a flurry of plans for the new year.

Due to the fact that Rosh Hashanah falls in the month of October this year, that makes October  a very significant month and very critical in determining the course or direction of your life for the coming year.

These are days for heavy introspection and cleansing … to prepare you heart to receive the promotions and blessings God is releasing for the new year, 5777.

The Year 5777

We are entering into the year 5777 on the Hebrew calendar.  With God all dates, are symbolic and typically carry some prophetic representation of what God is going to do for that year. If we look at the biblical meaning of these numbers, we find this:

5 = Grace

7 = Completion

So, God is giving us Grace for completion … completion … completion this year.

Completion of dreams, completion of goals, completion of unresolved problems in your life.  Many will have completion and fulfillment of prophetic words that have been spoken over their life that have not yet come to fruition.  This is the time that those things are going to come about in your life, and for you to see your dreams come true and your promises fulfilled.

In order to prepare for the completion of the things pending in your life, the Lord spoke to me 7 things we need to do in the month of October to prepare for what is to come this year.  These are the 7 “R’s” of October.  So we can call it “Rock-tober” or R-October.  :-)


The 7 “R’s” of October

In October, the Spirit of God is telling me that because of this pivotal and transformational season we are in, that we need to prepare our spirits for the release of new things.

The 7 “R’s of October are given to us in order to help with gathering us into position for divine appointments and divine alliances this month.


Spend some time in introspection, and reflection on your personal life, and heart. God wants you to remember that He loves you and remember His faithfulness to you in past seasons.  He wants you to know that His faithfulness is stable and remains steadfast with you through this new season of your life and brings with it a new level of abundance and prosperity.

“For he loves us with unfailing love; the LORD’s faithfulness endures forever. Praise the LORD!”  Psalm 117:2 NLT

“Remember the LORD your God. He is the one who gives you power to be successful, in order to fulfill the covenant he confirmed to your ancestors with an oath.”  Deuteronomy 8:18 NLT


Take time to repent … forgive yourself, forgive others, ask others to forgive you. Search your heart and make sure that there are no outstanding things between you and God or between you and the blessings He wants to release into your life this year.  Repentance is key to keeping the windows of heaven open over your life.  Close all the doors and access points to things that are not holy in your life.

“Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a loyal spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10 NLT

“Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.” Psalm 139:23 NLT


Rest in Him and know that everything is already taken care of.  The season of striving is over, and it is time to enter the rest of God.  Continue to work and be diligent toward the things He has called you to do and release the things that steal your time and your energy. Release those things that are pulling you away from God’s divine purpose in your life. 

“God’s promise of entering his rest still stands, so we ought to tremble with fear that some of you might fail to experience it.  For this good news—that God has prepared this rest—has been announced to us just as it was to them. But it did them no good because they didn’t share the faith of those who listened to God.

For only we who believe can enter his rest. As for the others, God said, “In my anger I took an oath: ‘They will never enter my place of rest,’” even though this rest has been ready since he made the world.  We know it is ready because of the place in the Scriptures where it mentions the seventh day: “On the seventh day God rested from all his work.”  But in the other passage God said, “They will never enter my place of rest.” So God’s rest is there for people to enter, but those who first heard this good news failed to enter because they disobeyed God.

So God set another time for entering his rest, and that time is today. God announced this through David much later in the words already quoted: “Today when you hear his voice, don’t harden your hearts.” Now if Joshua had succeeded in giving them this rest, God would not have spoken about another day of rest still to come. So there is a special rest still waiting for the people of God. For all who have entered into God’s rest have rested from their labors, just as God did after creating the world. So let us do our best to enter that rest. But if we disobey God, as the people of Israel did, we will fall.”  Hebrews 4:1-8 NLT


Heaven is at attention and “on ready” for what God is getting ready to release. There are promises and prophetic words that have been stored up in Heaven.  There are treasures and generational blessings that have been held up, and now they are getting ready to be released. Are you ready to receive all that Heaven is bringing you this year?  Get ready.

“Be dressed for service and keep your lamps burning, as though you were waiting for your master to return from the wedding feast. Then you will be ready to open the door and let him in the moment he arrives and knocks. The servants who are ready and waiting for his return will be rewarded. I tell you the truth, he himself will seat them, put on an apron, and serve them as they sit and eat! He may come in the middle of the night or just before dawn.But whenever he comes, he will reward the servants who are ready.” Luke 12:35-38 NLT


There is a release of God’s glory being issued from Heaven.  This year we will see the beginnings of a new wave revival break out that will bring in a great harvest for the Kingdom of God.  This revival will be like none other we have ever experienced, and God is preparing us now to be a “new wine skin” for the release of His Spirit that is coming.  The harvest that comes from this revival will show forth the glory of the Lord in the Earth.

“For as the waters fill the sea, the earth will be filled with an awareness of the glory of the Lord.”  Habakkuk 2:14 NLT


Revival fires are burning in the Heavens.  This is a carry over from the September prophetic word, and will continue in coming months as well.  Revival is beginning to burn in the hearts of people, and pockets of revival are breaking out across the globe.  The coming revival will spread like little wildfires … and the wildfires will eventually reach each other creating a bonfire of Revival in the Spirit.

‘In the last days,’ God says, ‘I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.  In those days I will pour out my Spirit even on my servants—men and women alike—and they will prophesy. And I will cause wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below—blood and fire and clouds of smoke. The sun will become dark, and the moon will turn blood red before that great and glorious day of the Lord arrives. But everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’ Acts 2:17-21 NLT


This year will be a season of reaping.  We are entering into a time of reaping of the seeds you have sown in the past.  Your “seeds” will spring forth more quickly in this season than in past seasons, and harvests from years and even generations past, shall spring forth and you will enjoy the harvests. 

This is also a year that we will see the harvests of souls begin to come into the kingdom of God.  The 7 in 5777 when turned at a certain angle looks like a sickle, which is the tool used for harvesting grain. This is a year in which we will begin to bring in a great harvest of souls for the kingdom of God.  

“Don’t be misled—you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant. Those who live only to satisfy their own sinful nature will harvest decay and death from that sinful nature. But those who live to please the Spirit will harvest everlasting life from the Spirit. So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”  Galatians 6:7-9 NLT

And another angel came out of the temple, crying out with a loud voice to Him who sat on the cloud, “Put in your sickle and reap, for the hour to reap has come, because the harvest of the earth is ripe.” Then He who sat on the cloud swung His sickle over the earth, and the earth was reaped.  Revelation 14:15-16 NLT

Blessing for New Year

I just want to speak a prophetic blessing over your life for this year and activate this word for you.  So open your heart to receive it now …

Father in the name of Jesus, I declare all of the blessings for 5777 over the lives of every person reading this prophetic word and declaration.  I release the fire of God and the 7 “R’s” of October into their life and activate them to remember, repent, and rest.  I release the Holy Spirit and the angelic hosts of Heaven to bring them to a place of readiness so that revival can be released into their lives. I pray for a personal revival in their life that will burn in their hearts for reaping a great harvest in the natural and the supernatural in Jesus name.  I call forth the generational blessings that have been held up and ask that they be released in the heavens in order to manifest on Earth.  I ask that you would give wisdom and guidance to each and every one of them as they pursue the destiny that You have for their life in Jesus name!

Happy New Year and Have a Blessed R-October!

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September 2016 Prophetic Word: Revival Fires Are Burning in the Heavens and the Glory Train Is on the Move

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Revival Fires Are Burning and the Glory Train is on the Move

Prophetic Word for September 2016, Revival Fires Are Burning and The Glory Train Is On the Move.

Revival Fires Are Burning in the Heavens and the Glory Train Is on the Move

Throughout the month of August, the Lord has been speaking to me and giving me prophetic signs for what is coming from Heaven to Earth, in short … the prophetic word for September 2016 is–revival fires are burning in the Heavens and the glory train is on the move.

We are in a season of great transition on planet Earth, such that we have never seen before. Angelic activity has increased significantly and the Lord is getting ready to unleash a movement of His glory like we have never seen before.

Heaven is active with plans and decrees for a new move of God’s glory on our planet that will facilitate a harvest of souls far beyond anything we have ever imagined in the past.

My prayer in this season has become … As it is in Heaven, shall it be on Earth. I am ready to see this move of God manifest and shift things into alignment with Heaven and bring the love of God to people who are searching desperately for answers that only God can bring.

On the Gregorian Calendar, September is the ninth month of the year. Just as a woman gives birth and delivers her baby in the 9th month, so shall God birth something new in the Earth in this 9th month of the year. We are transitioning from the 8th month of August (new beginnings) into the 9th month of September (birthing).  God is birthing something new in the Earth and we get to be a part of this amazing transitional period.

There are three specific things the Lord revealed to me, through prophetic encounters, during the month of August that He is doing, and these three things, when we look at them together all point toward a season of revival, manifested glory, abundance, blessings, acceleration, and new things.  

First Prophetic Sign

In the first week of August, I was on a ministry trip with Joan Hunter, who serves as my apostolic covering for ministry. We were driving back into Houston, late one night and as we were driving I saw an amazing prophetic sign on the side of the road.

I saw a big ball of fire in the sky. It looked like a large Olympic torch extending 20-30 feet in the middle of the air with a big ball of fire on top of it. In the natural it was a controlled burn of excess oil (or gas) off of a drilling well in the field. Apparently this is a common practice in Texas, but not something I have ever seen before (since I am a native Floridian). It was the most captivating thing I had ever seen, I couldn’t stop looking at it.

And the Spirit of the Lord quickened me that this was a natural sign with a supernatural message.

Immediately after we passed the large flame of fire suspended in mid-air, we encountered a train, also a very common thing in Texas (lots of trains here). The train track was running parallel with the freeway we were driving on, but the positioning of the train and the position of the vehicle we were traveling in, caused it to appear as if the train was headed right for us and was going to overtake us.

Instantly, the Lord spoke to my heart that the fire and the train were both prophetic messages He wanted to speak to me more about. I heard the spirit of God say these words:

“Revival Fires are burning in the Heavens, and the Glory Train is on the move. My people need to get on board or get run over.”

Second Prophetic Sign

During the second week of August, I had a dream. In this dream, I saw a whole city filled with houses that were in need of repair. Some of the houses were damaged and unstable to the point that they needed to be completely demolished and re-built from the ground up. Others were damaged on the interior but still had a stable foundation and solid structure; these houses were in the process of being gutted, stripped from the inside and completely renovated.

When I awaked from the dream, I prayed about it and shared it with my prophetic mentor, Doug Addison, who helped me understand the depth of the dream. Basically, the houses represent churches, individuals, ministries, and families that have become accustomed to an old way of ministry that is no longer relevant or working for today.

Many of these older ways of ministry have caused damage to people, families, and homes, as well as to the church structure itself and must be completely replaced with a new approach to doing ministry.

After further prayer, and listening to the Spirit of the Lord about this dream, He spoke to me saying:

“The old way of doing things within my church must be removed to make room for and prepare my people for the new things I am bringing. The old can not contain the new. Legalism and judgment must be replaced with unconditional love and acceptance. I will tear down the old and I will rebuild it afresh and anew” 

This is not something to be fearful about or to judge as a negative thing that God is saying. This is not judgment against the church, but this is grace and preparation for what is coming. It is the old wineskin and new wineskin concept.

“And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins.” Mark 2:22 NIV

God is actually showing us grace by tearing down the old structure and rebuilding it BEFORE He pours out the new wine of revival on His church. So rejoice about this, it is an exciting time of renovation, for your life, your church, your ministry … every area. And it will open the door and pave the way for a multitude of blessings!

God will always confirm His word to us through the Bible. So, I searched further, and discovered some verses in the Book of Amos, where God is talking about the restoration of Israel. It says,

“But also on that Judgment Day I will restore David’s house that has fallen to pieces. I’ll repair the holes in the roof, replace the broken windows, fix it up like new. David’s people will be strong again and seize what’s left of enemy Edom, plus everyone else under my sovereign judgment.” God’s Decree. He will do this.”  Amos 9:11-12 MSG

David was the king of Israel, and is the generational line of Jesus, so when God talks about David’s House, he is talking about His Kingdom … the Kingdom of Christ, His people, the church.

So, this scripture confirms what I saw in my dream as something that God is doing in the Earth now, he is rebuilding His house, His people, His church, and making them strong again.

Amazingly,  the prophet Amos saw this time and season thousands of years ago.

Third Prophetic Sign

Around the end of the second week and into the beginning of the third week of August, I began to sense rapid movement in the spirit. It felt as if things were moving at an accelerated pace and that there was a lot of hurried, yet organized activity in the Heavens. 

This same feeling was transitioning from the supernatural into the natural.  As myself and several people I work with in ministry were feeling an increase in urgency and activity.

We were feeling rushed, but not in an uncomfortable or stressful way, just that the pace had increased and we needed to move quickly to keep up.

This was the acceleration in the spiritual realm that we were sensing and picking up on. I have often experienced in the natural, the overflow of things happening in the supernatural.

I have learned that if we pay attention to what is happening in the natural circumstances around us that God is often speaking to us and giving us “clues” about what is happening in the spiritual realm.

As we discussed this among our team, Doug Addison, a times and seasons prophet who I work with, began releasing prophetic understanding the Lord had given him about this season.

This also was a reflection of Amos 9, with a focus on verses 13-15 which talks about things happening so fast, it will make your head swim.

“’Yes indeed, it won’t be long now.’ God’s Decree. ’Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills. I’ll make everything right again for my people..’”  Amos 9:13-15a MSG

This was in complete alignment with what we as a team had been experiencing, not only in our work, but also in our personal lives.

It was as if things were moving faster, and it required focus and diligence to stay in pace with the rhythm of what was coming our way. It was not overwhelming, but carried a feeling of urgency that if we did not keep up, then we could easily fall behind or reach a point of overwhelm.

Through this experience, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me saying,

“There is a rhythm and a cadence to the things of Heaven. My people have to stay in rhythm with my cadence, they have to move when I move, they have to run when I run, and walk when I walk. You can not get ahead and you can not fall behind. You must stay in rhythm, stay in beat, and move to my cadence.”

There is an accelerated cadence in the Heavens right now, and this is the momentum and speed of the Glory Train that he revealed earlier in the month, and it is also confirmation of the prophetic word I shared in November 2015 about divine acceleration that was to come in 2016.

The speed and acceleration of the glory has increased, and it is important that we keep the momentum of the glory so that we receive the “overtaking of blessings” that comes with it in this season.

What to Expect and What To Do About It

In summary, the prophetic messages of the Lord this month all point to the birthing and beginning of something amazing.  It is, I believe, the birthing of the largest revival we have ever seen.  God’s messages can be summarized as follows: 

  • Revival fires are burning in the heavens.
  • Something new is being birthed in the Earth.
  • God is tearing down the old structure and rebuilding it to receive the new things He is birthing.
  • Legalism and judgment are being replaced with unconditional love and acceptance.
  • There is an acceleration in the spirit, and the cadence of Heaven is increasing.
  • There is a steadfast, focused move of God that we are entering into.
  • The Glory Train is on the move and brings the “overtaking” blessings with it.

In order to be a part of everything God is doing and preparing this month there are a few things we must remain aware of and do to flow with Heaven right now. This is our call to action, to be ready we must:

  • Allow the fire of God to cleanse our hearts and prepare us for revival.
  • Be willing to release the old way of thinking and doing things, and embrace the new things that the Lord is bringing into our life and ministry right now.
  • Invite the Holy Spirit to come and “rebuild” our spiritual house, our personal structure, and make it fit into the new model God is releasing to the Earth right now.
  • Remain focused on the things the Lord is highlighting to us personally in this season and complete the tasks He has given us to complete.
  • Understand rest is over, and it is time to work … remembering to keep our work focused on those things that are in alignment with Heaven and our individual destiny.
  • Be steadfast, focused, and avoid distractions.
  • Keep moving forward and stay in rhythm with the cadence of Heaven and keep pace with the glory.

Revival fires are burning in the Heavens, and the Glory Train is on the move. The spiritual atmosphere has shifted, and it is time to move with the acceleration of Heaven. 

If you would like to hear this message, then you can Click Here to Watch the Video Version of this prophetic word on Facebook (it’s sideways, but that is just God’s fun little way of challenging you to look at things from a NEW perspective..LOL).

Multiplied and overtaking blessings to you in this season,

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New Years Day and “Old Wives Tales”

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It’s New Years Day and I always think about my Grandma Abbott on New Years because she had all these “old wives tales” that she talked about all the time.  Which honestly was this endless list of things you “should do” for a good year and things you “should not do” if you want to avoid “bad luck”.

My grandma was a little superstitious to say the least.

I always thought it was a little funny that she said “Only do on NY day what you want to be doing for the rest of the year.” Now I don’t “buy-in” to all that jazz, but I will say that as I move about my day today, I am liking how it is shaping up as I think about grandma and her superstitions.

So, in honor of grandma, today I have done several things I wouldn’t mind doing throughout the year…and I will continue into the night doing these “happy things” to close out this day. Here are just a few of the items I did today that I wouldn’t mind making my “all year long” items.

1. Waking up naturally (no alarms, no agenda).

2. Prayer and time with my Heavenly Father, journaling, then studying prophetic words (prior and current).

3. Getting ready for my next road trip (travel tomorrow).

4. Talking to friends on the phone, laughing, making plans for fun, and discussing the blessings and awesomeness of God. And receiving an awesome word of encouragement and spoken blessing from my best guy friend on the planet.

5. Celebrating the official launch of a book I helped publish this year, and anticipating the publishing of another one I helped write/edit in the next 90 days.

6. Planning my next travel adventure with my mom. We are gonna make a cross country trek and have some road time and girl bonding … making memories on Route 66 and exploring cities between the Atlantic and the Pacific.  It’s another perk of the “laptop lifestyle”.

7. Got booked for another “money making gig”.  Woo-Hoo!!!

8. Finalizing some processes and procedures for the InLight writing team. We are getting things all organized and ready for acceleration in publishing for the New Year and making sure we have things ready for the new team members coming on board.  It’s gonna be awesome.

9. Reviewing and enjoying the “accomplishments” of the last several months. It’s amazing how much “purpose driven” work has been completed in the last half of the year. Such a great feeling…to be doing what you were created to do and seeing the fruit of that labor.

10. Relaxing with a good book (or maybe a movie later).

All that and it is only 4 pm – oh and #11 would be writing this blog of course.  ;-)

I won’t tell you the things I did today that “broke traditions” and frankly would make grandma roll over in her grave. But, she’ll be okay, because she knows now that all those “wives tales” aren’t true anyway. (Love you grandma)

Cheers To 2016 … may the happiness and the productivity of this day follow us the whole year through. Woo-Hoo!!

Do you have any family traditions for New Years?  If so, tell me about them in the comments or share this post on your favorite social media platform with your family traditions.

Happy Days Ahead!!!

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11/11/15: A Day Of Alignment To Prepare For A Year Of Acceleration!

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Are You Ready

Aligned For Destiny

God has me up at 2 am writing this. It is a message He wants me to share today… a strategic day in the heavens and the earth. 11/11 is a day of alignment. It is also a day of transition and multiplied blessings. But for the purposes of the point God wants to make today, it is alignment.

While I have always been prophetically inclined, I don’t think I have ever been instructed to do something like this, nor have I been bold enough to consider it in the past. But that was then, and this is now… I’m in a new spiritual season, with new authority and I must deliver what has been placed in my spirit, by THE Spirit. So, with that, I invite you to Read On…

In the Fall of 2014, God began speaking to me about alignment and told me that 2015 was a year of divine alignment. I watched as God began to reposition people from where they were to where they are supposed to be. Many people had geographical moves, some had positional moves, others had drastic shifts and changes in their lives. I have talked to many people who recognize 2015 has been a time of shifting and sifting. Destinies have been established and confirmed this year. Alignment. That has been 2015.

But why alignment? Where is all of this going?

In the early summer I was driving into town, in the city where I live, and as I crossed the interstate I saw a massive chess board in the heavenlies. And I saw the hand of God begin to pick up chess pieces and move them around. He was rearranging the whole board. I then heard the voice of the Father speak and say – “there is a strategic repositioning in the heavenlies”.

I took this to mean that God is getting things in order for what He is about to do in the Earth and He is being very intentional about what He is doing in each region. (I know that’s pretty obvious..but God has to keep it simple and clear for me because he knows I don’t “read between the lines” very well. LOL).

For several weeks now the Lord has been speaking to me in the midnight hour about preparation. Preparation for what is to come. And I know without question that in my personal life, He has been exposing me to key people, strategic pieces of information, and quality resources to prepare me…especially over the last 6 months. But, even with these experiences and all of this information, and all of these new connections, it was not until the early hours of yesterday (11/10) that it began to make sense. It was like God turned on the light and said “Ta-Da!!”

I believe, and prophetic voices have confirmed, that we are getting ready to enter a realm of the spirit that we have never been before.

Hear that.

If you have never been there, then that means there will be new things to see, new things to hear and new things to experience…new people to become. Not only will we see, hear, and experience new things, but we will also see an increase in the things we already have knowledge of. This is going to be a time of new signs, new wonders, new miracles, new manifestations of God’s glory on the Earth and through His people. Everything I am hearing from the Spirit of God as well as the prophetic voices I interact with points to 2016 being an amazing year!!

So why preparation?

Because you can not put new wine (or new things) into old wineskins. (Mark 2:2) We have to have a season of preparation to ready ourselves to receive what God is bringing. In his November 10th blog post, Doug Addison wrote that we need to forget the old way of doing things because the old way will not work in this new season.

So we need to take the time to seek God for how He wants us to prepare for where He is taking us in 2016.

Do not be alarmed, for the place He is taking us is a good place, a place of freedom, a place of love, a place of extended grace. In fact, I hear him say radical grace. It will be a time of radical grace.

But in order to experience the fullness of what God has in 2016, it takes a time of preparation. This is that season – the next 3-4 months is the time of preparation. Preparation for acceleration.

This preparation will look different for every person, depending on what your gifts and callings are. So, today is a day for you to bring your heart and spirit into alignment with what God’s heart is and what His purpose is for your life, and ask him how you can prepare.

Just as 2015 was a year of divine alignment; 2016 will be a year of divine acceleration. Get ready!


Today, I declare the atmosphere over your life will come into alignment with the manifestations of the blessings of God! I decree this day will begin a new season for you. A season in which preparation will meet opportunity and opportunity will produce abundance. I declare today is a day of preparation for acceleration and 2016 will be your year to launch into the new things that God is producing for you in the earth. And we say “Yes” as we reach into the heavens and pull to the earth the promises of God for your life!


In His Service,

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Responding To A Word From God

Posted on 19. Oct, 2015 by .


How do you respond to a word from God?


I was reading  in John 21 this morning and noticed something I haven’t noticed before.  Let me set the stage a bit.  Peter had denied Jesus, Jesus had been crucified and was now raised from the dead.  He appears to the disciples and reveals himself to them by telling them to cast their nets on the right side of the boat.  They haul in a great catch and they realize “Whoa…this is the Lord”.  So they get back on the beach, cook up some fish, eat and then Jesus starts talking to Peter.

Jesus basically reinstates Peter so to speak and delivers a word to him about his future. This is a prophetic word about Peter’s life and what he can expect, it is a command for him about his destiny and what Jesus wants him to do with his life. Peter, gets a prophetic word directly from Jesus. That’s just awesome in and of itself. Now, considering that he had denied him just a few days earlier and Jesus is coming in with a powerful word for his life, a message of forgiveness and restoration, then letting him know what is to come…what his future holds (both good and bad)….you would think Peter would be a little thankful and would have received the word with humility and eagerness to go forward and “follow Jesus”, “Feed his sheep”, and live the life of a messenger of the Gospel.

BUT look at Peter’s first response.  “But what about John”  This kinda blew me away when I read it – I’m like wait a minute dude – Jesus just gave you direction for your life and a glimpse into your future and all you can think about is “what about the other guy”.  See Peter was living from a place of competition and comparison.  And Jesus kind of put him back in his place when he was like “It’s none of your business what I do with him…you follow me!”

Rather than walking out his own walk with God and honoring his call to follow Jesus, Peter became focused on what Jesus was planning for John.  Why?  Competition, Jealousy, Comparison…

I think if we stop and think about it for a minute, we will see that Peter isn’t the only one that got sidetracked from his destiny and his purpose because he was thinking about and trying to keep up with what God was doing with someone else.  I think many of us do it from time to time.  But, if we can just pause and receive the word of the Lord for our lives, realize that God has a plan for each of us, and keep our focus on that goal, and adhere to that command, then everything else will take care of itself.

So today, I encourage you to look at what God’s purpose is for your life – and follow Him.  Don’t compare yourself with others and what God is doing in their life.  Because your walk is your walk and it is your responsibility.  When you stand before God, He is not going to ask you questions about your neighbors walk and their journey, He is going to talk to you about your walk and your journey with Him.  I promise, if you walk out your purpose and God’s plan for your life – it’s going to look great and you are going to reap the benefits of a righteous life.  Keep your eyes on Jesus and what He has for you.


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