Inspire With Fire #195: Favor Keys Revealed

Have you ever been frustrated and stuck? Feeling like no one understands your gift or how awesome you really are at what you do?

What you may be missing are the favor keys we are going to talk about today! In this episode, I am going to be sharing with you some strategic keys to help you unlock favor over your life and your business. 

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Your Access Point to Favor

Kris Vallotton said “If you find your people, you find your destiny (or purpose).”  It is difficult to really know what you are on earth to do until you first identify who you are here to serve. 

Why is this important, and even relevant to what we are going to talk about today?

Before you can unlock something, you have to find the access point to it. Right?

The door to your favor is hidden in the people you are called to serve and the problems you are called to solve.

So, before we can talk about and reveal the keys to the favor you seek in your life and your business … you have to be clear on who it is that you are serving in your business.


Because the favor you need, the favor you seek, is hidden with the people you are called to serve, and the problems you are sent to earth to solve. 

We all have the capacity within to be problem solvers and solution bringers. 

So let’s start with these three questions:

  • What problem do you solve?
  • Who do you solve it for?
  • What is your solution to their problem?

This is your access point … your “ground zero” to finding the favor keys that will elevate your business.

Be assured that anything you do that is beautiful and excellent [the good we do] will be repaid by our Lord, whether you are an employee or an employer. ~Ephessians 6:8~ 

In this episode, I unlock the keys that will help you:

  • Identify the problems around you
  • Learn to bring solutions for them
  • Understand what God has equipped you for
  • How to get “eyes to see” the problems around you
  • Accessing the benefits of being a problem solver

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