Prophetic Word: Acceleration in August

Acceleration is Here

I hear the spirit of God saying “Acceleration” in the month of August. This is a time when we need to be prepared for the speed of things, in both the natural and the supernatural, to advance.

To accelerate is to increase in speed, gain momentum, advance at a fast rate, and to advance forward. Acceleration involves motion, but not only motion—fast motion. God is saying that in the month of August, things are going to move quickly, they are going to charge forward at a faster rate than what we may be accustomed to.

It truly is a “buckle your seat belt and hold on” season we are in right now.

Shifting Seasons

As we begin to shift seasons, many of you who have been waiting for a breakthrough will begin to see it manifest in your life.

On the evening of August 1st around 7:44 pm, I was sitting at my desk working and I was suddenly taken into the spirit. I saw a giant hand come down from Heaven and push back the clouds in the spirit. As the clouds parted, a bright light began to shine brightly through. It looked very much like a portal or a passageway for God’s glory to encounter Earth. As I saw the clouds part, I was pushed back in my chair and my eyes fell to my computer screen to note the time. It was 7:44 pm.

Instantly, I knew God was speaking, and my spirit connected with “breakthrough.”  There is acceleration for breakthrough coming to you this month. Numbers and times on the clock are prophetically significant when an encounter such as this happens. Let me break it down with the prophetic meaning for you.

This happened on August 1.  August is the 8th month.  Eight is the number for new beginnings. And it was on the first day of the month, the closing of one month and the beginning of another.

It occurred at 7:44 pm (near sunset). Seven (7) is the number of completion. Four (4) is the number for worldwide impact and creativity. Forty-four (44) is the number for worldwide judgement, it is also a multiple of the number eleven (11) which represents transition.

The prophetic message for this encounter is that we have crossed over into a season of new beginnings. There has been a completion of judgments in the Heavens and we are transitioning into a season of creative breakthrough that will have worldwide impact and allow God’s glory to cover the Earth.

For as the waters fill the sea, the earth will be filled with an awareness of the glory of the LORD. Habakkuk 2:14 NLT

Breaking Away

As we begin to accelerate in August, the Lord is also saying that there will be some things that you will need to break away from. Much like cleaning out your closet to make room for new clothes or cleaning the garage.

You will have some things in your life this season that you will need to allow to fall away from you so that you can accelerate and advance to a higher level in the spirit.

This can be compared to a rocket. Growing up in Florida, I watched many shuttle launches. When the shuttle is on the ground it requires more attachments or parts—resources, if you will—to push it upward, and help it gain speed, these attachments are the “rocket”. As the shuttle picks up momentum and reaches higher points, it has to shed or discard those extra attachments because it weighs it down and slows advancement.

In order to reach the height needed in order to break through the Earth’s atmosphere, the shuttle must be clean and free of the extra things it no longer needs. By the time it reaches space, the rocket is discarded, and only the shuttle remains.

The same is true for us spiritually, in order to reach new heights and go higher in the spirit, we must discard or clear away and release those things that are no longer beneficial to our purpose and destiny. We must identify the attachments that no longer serve us, and let them go.

You must break away to break through!

This is an exciting season we are entering into. I encourage you to let go of the things that have been weighing you down, and release them. God is parting the clouds over your life and bringing breakthrough to you in an amazing way. And He is doing it FAST!

Activation Prayer

Let me pray for you as we enter this new season of acceleration.

Father, I thank you for the amazing person reading this right now. I ask that you would bless them in this new season! Help them see the areas of their life that they need to examine and show them the things they need to release in this transition season that will allow them to climb higher in your spirit. 

We say yes to acceleration God, and we say yes to breakthrough! Carry us into this new place with you, free from those things that hold us back from our destiny, free from those things that do not support the purpose that you sent us here for. Let us float in your spirit the way the shuttle floats in space … light and free.

We thank you God! And now, I release acceleration and breakthrough over my friends here today and I declare a new beginning for them—starting right now! In Jesus’ name! Amen.

Accelerating in August,

Dr. Krista Abbott

PS. Have you gotten your free copy of my ebook Create Your Life By Design Vol. 1 yet? If not, I encourage you to get it today. Just click here or click the image of it over in the side bar on the right (next to the Shifting Seasons paragraph) … fill out the information and I will email it to you right away.

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