Prophetic Word: 4 Steps to Eliminate Distractions and Activate Your “Now” Season

I feel strongly in my spirit that God is saying NOW for November.  I hear it echoing in my spirit, it reverberates in my mind and captures my heart. The word NOW. I just hear it over and over. When I think about November, the only thing I feel is “now.”

It is a now season … are you ready for your “NOW” in November?  Are you ready?

Now Is Time For What?

Now is the time for you to step out and begin doing what you were created to do.

Now is the time for you to stop looking back at the past and start looking forward to the future.

Now is the time for you to focus on your goals, your dreams, your visions, and your plans.

Now is the time for you to eliminate distractions and begin looking inward at what matters most for you in this season.


Harvest is Upon Us

Many of you have spent years upon years giving of your time, energy, and efforts into the lives, goals, and maybe even ministries of others. You have served, you have loved, and you have given your all.

God is saying: This NOW, is your harvest time. This NOW, is your season. This NOW, is your time to step forward into the greatness that He has called you to.

There are gifts and talents and treasures on the inside of you. The seeds were planted years ago and they have been watered and nourished with the word of God, they have been nurtured through your acts of love and service to those around you. But now, beloved … it is time for you to be who God created you to be.

Now it is time for you to step forward in confidence, knowing you have been prepared, you have been equipped and you are ready for this next thing that God has for you.

Now is your season and now is your time. It is a NOW November for you!

How to Walk Into Your Now …

You should know by now, that I am what I like to call “practically prophetic” … meaning that when God gives us a prophetic word or message, my gift is to make it practical and applicable to your everyday life. So how can we make this “NOW” word, practical? Let’s look at a few things you can do to activate this word from the Lord.

Walking into your now will require you to take some specific steps to help reduce distraction and eliminate the small things so you can focus on the larger things. Life can often lend itself to being busy without being effective. It is time to eliminate the busy so that you can begin to be effective. It is time to stop talking about making that shift, making that change, and to start doing it.

It is time to focus on the things that will make your life move forward into the destiny that God has called you to. And the 4 easy steps listed below will help you begin that process of eliminating the distractions so that you can activate the now season in your life.

1. Evaluate

Take time at the beginning of this month and begin to evaluate everything you are doing or currently involved in. Determine which items are necessary to keep and which items could be given to someone else or eliminated altogether.

2. Eliminate and Delegate

If those things are not necessary then eliminate them. If the things you are doing, do not drive you closer to your life purpose, then get them out of your life. Period. Ask yourself some hard questions and decide if this is really necessary for you to be doing right now and what are the benefits of you continuing to do it.  Also ask yourself: “what will happen if I stop doing this?”

If the world is not going to end if you give it up, and it is not moving you toward what God has put in your heart to do in this season, then why would you keep it?  Find a way to off load it.

If there are tasks that you do, that you could easily delegate to someone else … then delegate them to others and move them off of your plate. These things are robbing your time from being able to focus on the greater things God has for you to do in this season. They are a distraction to keep you from the best God has for you …  delegate them.

3. Re-Evaluate

Once you have evaluated, eliminated and delegated as much as you possibly can, then take a moment to reevaluate the things you are involved in and what you are doing. For each of the remaining items ask yourself the following questions:

Is this a requirement for my life right now?
Why am I doing this thing or involved in this activity?
Does it push me closer to my goals?
Does it provide a sense of happiness, peace or fulfillment in my life?
Is it connected to my overall purpose?

At the end of those questions, if there is not a compelling reason to keep it, then (you guessed it)— dump it!! Repeat step 2 “eliminate and delegate.”

4.  Prioritize and Schedule

Now that you have cleaned some things off of your plate, you should be feeling pretty good and ready to move some things forward in your life. So with those items that “made the cut,”  it is now time to prioritize and schedule them.

Identify the things that are most important to you and that will help you reach your goals the fastest. These are the things that you want to schedule into your calendar. These things deserve your time and your attention. Give them the best part of your day.

If you are at your best at 10 am … then put them at 10 am. If you are at your best at 3 pm, then put them at 3 pm. Make sure your most important, life purpose tasks are scheduled into your calendar. Otherwise, you run the risk of distractions robbing you of your future.

Get Ready For Greater Impact

God desires for you to live out and walk in the purpose that He created you for. In order to do that, you will have to work with Him and be a co-creator of your life. This means being careful to make sure that other people’s priorities do not overshadow your priorities.

You will have to be extra vigilant to guard your time and your energy so that you can focus them on the things that make the greatest impact and yield the greatest results for you in your life.

I bless you this month to enter into your NOW season … and in entering into your NOW, I bless your outcomes to be fruitful and productive—yielding you a happy and abundant return.


Father, I thank you for those reading this article and prophetic word this month. I ask that you would highlight to them where the small foxes are that are spoiling their vine. I ask that you would show them where the time wasters, energy thieves, and distractions are in their life. I ask that you would help them eliminate these things … even if they are good and helpful things, but not connected to their divine purpose or destiny. God I ask for the Holy Spirit to show them what they need to get rid of and what they need to keep. I also ask that you would show them how to prioritize and schedule these things into the best part of their day, in Jesus name!

Father, I declare over each and every one of those reading this, that this is their NOW season, and I ask you to activate them into their life purpose and destiny, in Jesus name!

Moving in the Now!

Dr. Krista Abbott

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