Prophetic Word: New Doors Are Opening

New Doors Are Opening

There are new doors opening before you, even now. Dreams that have long been lost, goals that have long been abandoned, desires that seem forgotten—God is breathing new life into these areas of your life. Those things that seemed dead, will now spring forth with new life. God’s promises for your future, are alive and active. His words will go ahead of you to fulfill what they were intended to fulfill.

Relationships Are Blooming

Relationships are getting ready to blossom. Many have felt barren in the area of relationships. These barren lands of your life are getting ready to produce a bountiful harvest. God is showering favor over you and ordering your steps for the days ahead. The relationships coming to you are not just every day, run-of-the-mill relationships, but divine connections arranged in Heaven for a greater purpose.

I see Esther rising with courage for such a time as this. I see Deborah taking her position to declare victory in her land. I see Sarah stepping out in faith to follow God toward His promises. I see Mary Magdalene leaving her old life and stepping into a new identity. I see Hannah praying fervently and receiving answers to many prayers.

I see the Lion of Judah as He stands over these individuals—those called to advance in this new season—I hear Him as He roars, He roars with victory. He roars with authority. He roars with power. Lean in to the Spirit and hear Judah roar, beloved. Hear Judah roar!

This is your time to step into those things you have been waiting for. Now is the time to lay distraction aside—reorder and reprioritize. Now is the time to release the menial tasks that have been weighing you down so that you can soar to new heights. Your gifts are awakened and your dreams await you. Stand now and begin to put one foot in front of the other, moving forward into the promises that have been prepared for you.

Opportunity awaits. Do not delay. Do not worry about what others are doing, or saying. Listen to the still small voice that is inside of your spirit and follow it. Recognize the confirmation that God is giving you through the signs around you. Keep your eyes open. Keep your ears tuned to the Spirit. Begin to move in the direction God is leading you this season. There are many wonderful things ahead for you as you allow the Spirit of God to guide your footsteps and as you move in sync with Him.

Judah Will Plow

And, so be it!! Let the word of the Lord penetrate your heart and bring the life shift that is promised here today. This word is seed to your spirit, let it fall into the soil of your heart and spring forth with evidence of a fruitful harvest. Keep the soil of your heart tilled and soft with praise, ready to receive the word of the Lord and act on it.

Hosea 10:11 says that “Judah will plow.” Judah means praise … your praise will plow the soil and prepare it to receive the seed of God’s word in your heart. So as you meditate on this prophetic word, hear Judah (Praise) roar over your life. Allow your voice to declare the praises of the Lord, allow your heart to echo the majesty of your King.

Judah will plow. Praise will prepare your heart to receive the seed of God.


God, I thank you for all of the men and women reading this article today. I bless them with divine favor and new doors of opportunity to open before them. I call them forward for the divine purpose you created them for and decree dreams are awakened, goals are realized, promises are fulfilled. I thank you for pouring out your favor and blessing over their lives right now, in Jesus’ name!

Blessings to you and your new doors this season!

Dr. Krista Abbott

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