Communication: The Crucial Component to Your Home, Your Business, Your Life

Communication in your home, your business and your life can make or break you.

It seems every leadership or personal development book I read talks about communication.

And…with good reason.

It happens – nearly every time something goes awry at home, in business, or in life – someone, somewhere, blames it on poor communication, miscommunication, or (God help us) NO communication!

We all know it is true, because we have all experienced it.

See, I am a very communication oriented person, and I make every effort to communicate openly, clearly, and thoroughly (maybe sometimes too thoroughly).  So, imagine my frustration when I realized everyone is not like me!!  (Say What?!?) And, worse yet…some of them hear something completely different than what I am saying.

Wow!  How’d that happen?

It took some time, but by studying things like personality theory and communication theory I soon realized that there are techniques that can help minimize the frustrations often associated with failed communication.

I have successfully used the concepts and techniques that I am about to share with you, in several of my personal and business relationships, as well as corporate and team building.  As a result of my own implementation of these things, I have found them extremely effective and helpful in both areas to:

  • avoid misunderstandings
  • increase collaboration
  • build team relationships
  • facilitate increased productivity.

Speaking  Their Language

In trying to build teams and lead others, you have to be able to speak their language (and I’m not talking about English, Spanish, Japanese…or any other cultural or societal based language as we know it).  By “language” I am referring to their preferred style of communicating and how it interacts with your particular style.

Since most people tend to communicate, mentally process, and respond based on their personality type,  the first step to more effective communication is to figure out WHO you are dealing with.

Personally, I am a big fan of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  It is, in my opinion, the most comprehensive and helpful personality information, and really helps with understanding how to deal with the various personality types.

Human Metrics has a free on-line assessment, Jung Typology Test, which you can use to determine what primary personality type you are.  You can also use this with your friends, family, and your business partners or team – that is, IF they don’t already know what their type is.

You can find that on-line assessment HERE. It only takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Plan your approach to asking them to complete the assessment carefully, based on what you already know about the person.

If they aren’t familiar with it, explain to them that it is a relationship building tool that will help each of you communicate better when you understand the other person’s  frame of reference.  And, be willing to share your primary type with them up front and make it fun – like an adventure.

Most people are intrigued by personality theory and want to “learn all about themselves” anyway, so it’s rare to run across someone who will not “buy-in” to the process.

There are some out there, though who may become defensive or offended by the request.  In that case, don’t push it; just observe them, study the way they interact and engage with others, then after a little while (and some trial and error) you can usually figure out what their style is based on their reactions and/or responses to varying circumstances.

Now that you know their personality type – what next?

After you discover their personality type, you can use this information to more effectively communicate with them.

If you aren’t already well versed in each of the primary types, then you can read up on them on-line.   The Human Metrics  Jung Typology Test will have some information after the assessment is complete that you can review.  For deeper study, you can continue your search through on-line resources.  Just type in the primary personality type in your preferred search engine (Google for me) and go to town learning all about  them and their preferences.

How does this help with communication?

Once you learn about the personality type of the person you are communicating with, and they learn about yours, mutual understanding increases, and the approach in communication can be modified so you more evenly “gel with” each other.

If you like “cheat sheets”, I found a nice little quick reference guide from the Change Zone on Communicating with Different Personality Types.

You can download it HERE and keep it handy as a quick reference any time you need it:

Understanding the crucial components of communication can save you a lot of trouble in your relationships at home, in your business, and in your life.  Taking the time to learn about people, and how to best interact with them is a critical business skill every leader must develop.

What techniques have you used to help improve communication in your home and business relationships?

I welcome you to share your thoughts and comments below so we can all learn from each other.

To Your Communicative Success!!

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  61. Communication skills are very important for life. It’s is a great tool for people who develops them well. I agree with learning body language. I know that when I read body language it had good results.

  62. This was an excellent post if I can say so myself. I am actually studying psychology in college, and find that so much of what you said reflects my current studies on communication. Having access to some apparent standardized test (for free no less) to gauge a persons personality type is a really excellent way to get quick information that can help a person more realistically work with another person, whether it is actually in an actual work environment, or just working at a relationship between two friends. Not to mention, some people will probably stumble on this article just because they want to get to know themselves more! Heck, I think I’m going to take the online assessment right now to see how it analyses me (because I think that is oddly fun!).

  63. Krista,
    I love reading your blogs. So informative and practical. I also enjoy the comments from so many others who have benefited and their responses are helpful as well. Thanks for all you do for everyone of us to be more successful!

    Your are special!

  64. Krista, This is a great blog post. It is so true that we need to learn and understand how to communicate effectively. If communication breaks down so does everything else. Thanks for sharing this great content!

  65. Krista,
    Learning the different personalities is fun stuff. It is also great for self discovery. I was exposed to this early on and I still draw from it in my daily life. You have shared some new resources and it is definitely time for a refresher course.

  66. Ed,
    My friend you are the master at adding value, so you have obviously done your homework in the personality department. Thank you for all you do! I’m looking forward to our skype conversation this week!

  67. Debbie,
    Glad you enjoyed the post. Communication is definitely a skill that takes a lot of practice…and sometimes some trial and error to master. I consider myself a lifetime student of effective communication. I am always learning from others and seeking to learn more about how to improve in this area with every interaction I have. Wishing you the best!

  68. Hey Krista,

    Wonderful post. It is so amazing how people do not really understand how to be in relationship with others. I can remember a time when I lived in “the matrix” and had not idea.
    Now that I have been unplugged, I am thankful for all that I have. I love to look at personality profiles and a strive to understand the personality of the person who I am talking to so that I can communicate in such a way that will add value to them. It is something that everyone should learn.

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

  69. Krista, this is a great post about learning how to communicate with others. Like Kathy, I also grew up on a household where communication was not present, so hearing skills to learn how to communicate better is a great thing for me. Jeff Combs also does a really good series about the different personality types. Thanks again for your wisdom!

  70. Krista,

    Knowing what makes people tick is a great start to effective communication… so right! Another thing we feel is a great tool in effective communication is actually listening to what the other person has to say. If someone feels they are being heard they are more likely to connect during communication.

    ~ Pat and Lorna

  71. Krista – Communication is key to success in alot of things from our business to personal lives. Way to lay out the strategies to help us all approach it effectively! Thanks

  72. Hi Krista,

    You’ve put together a great list of resources here. Often people will blame everything else or everyone else and not realise that there is a communication issue.

    Sometimes I go away from a bad conversation and think about why they reacted in the way they did or why I did and I can often understand where it went wrong. It’s a matter of learning how to communicate effectively so to avoid mis communications and bad reactions when it happens. It’s really amazing to sit back and think of why they reacted in a certain way and realise where the other person is coming from or how they interpreted it. I recommend doing it regularly.



  73. Thanks for this inspiring post Krista.

    I was shy when I first started my own business but I soon opened up once I discovered amazing training from people like yourself. I now love meeting new people and my business has grown.

    I have just signed up for your free videos. I look forward to learning more about your tips to success.

    Thanks again,

    Aidan 🙂

  74. Hi Krista, The most important thing to remember about using these tests is to learn how to communicate with each type and to recognize that almost no one is totally in any one category.

    Just taking the test can give different results with even one slightly different answer as happened with me. There were two answers that were equally valid for me and so I just picked one. The results came out terribly wrong. When I went back and took it again and chose the other answer, it was much closer to the real me.

    thanks for bringing this out. Good communication is the foundation for almost everything in life!


  75. Krista, great post, I too believe that communication is important in all aspects of your life, whether it is business or personal. It you cannot effective communicate nothing will work out. Knowing how to relate to each personality type has helped me out a lot. Thanks for the great tips.
    .-= Lori Robertson´s last blog ..How To Dramatically Boost Your Brand With 1 Strategy & In 5 Simple Steps =-.

  76. Well thought out and reasonable post on the importance of this skill. I must do more research on this. You seem to have that call to action.

    Thanks a lot!
    .-= Andrew Gallagher´s last blog ..Should You Promote Your Online Business Opportunity Up-Front? =-.

  77. Krista, aver through post with killer content. In spite of our personal differences we all must learn to communicate. That can be the only way to success. Thanks for being one of those Bloggers whom we depend on for our very survival.

  78. Krista,

    Your are spot-on about communication! I currently have a client organization that I am spending the most of my time dealing with conflict resolution. Guess what 90% of the issues are around? Failure to communicate properly.

    Once I get the key stakeholders in the room and facilitate clear communication – it’s like magic! Perceptions and problems disappear.

    So many great points in your article! Thanks!


    .-= John McGinn´s last blog ..Eight Basic Steps to Improve Your Time Management =-.

  79. Hey Krista
    I am a big fan of communication too!

    Although I certainly have reservations about some of those personality profiling systems which seem to compartmentalise people are for me are to black and white! Which is not to say that your post is not super informative and very well presented so we all get max benefit from understanding more about communication and how VITAL it is.

    One of the things I feel very passionate about it how do we communicate with OURSELVES FIRST!!

    Great to connect with you recently. Looking forward to more.
    .-= sandhan´s last blog ..Begin with the End in Mind =-.

  80. Krista,

    Communication skills is an art. If a person develops them well, they can become unstoppable. I agree with learning to read people and adapting to the person. Body signs can be another major factor in communication.

    Thanks for the great post!

    .-= Bill Hartman´s last blog ..Power of the Mind =-.

  81. Hey Krista,

    Thanks for this incredibly valuable information. I grew up in a family where communication was not present, so I can attest to the true value of this skill.

    And make no doubt about it, communication is a skill. For some it comes naturally but for others it has to be learned. Knowing the personality types of those you deal with is very important, as you point out. Great advice here that will be of tremendous value to all who read it….thanks 🙂


  82. Thanks for the info, Krista! I downloaded the reference guide and love the communication tips it provides. I think understanding this better will really help me in my presentations!
    .-= Teresa Ivory´s last blog ..Decisions: What does your heart tell you? =-.

  83. Aloha Krista,

    Thank you so much for writing such a thorough blog post on the communication and the links to different personal tests. I love the these tests! I was introduced to them when I worked in the corporate world, however, it became very effective for me when I started my home based business.

    These tests are so important to assist ourselves and then assist others too. It’s also very cool to re-take them because I have found that I have changed so much during my journey. It’s probably just my true self emerges more and more each day!

    Your blog posts are always so informative! You are a wealth of knowledge!

    With love & gratitude,
    Kellie 🙂
    .-= Kellie Hosaka´s last blog ..7 Essential Characteristics Leading To Success – Charice’s Story =-.

  84. Krista,
    Perfect post today about communication. There are so many different personality tests. It’s interesting to compare how they each interpret certain behaviors or explain the personalities. Some, like the Jung-Meyers are more in-depth.

    Whatever the method, understanding a general set of traits for people opens the doors to better interactions.

    Val 🙂
    .-= Val Wilcox´s last blog ..Have You Started Your Bucket List? =-.

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