How To Eliminate Negative Thought Patterns

How Do Thoughts Impact Your Life?

The thought patterns we live with day in and day out have extreme influence into the direction our lives take.  Essentially, our thoughts can make us or they can break us. Eliminating negative thoughts and thought patterns is crucial to your success and happiness in life.

Now this concept is nothing new to those who are familiar with the Law of Attraction and the principles that surround it.   There are a lot of one liners that originated out of this movement that point to such.  Some of these include quotes such as:

“Thoughts become things.”

“What you think about, you bring about.”

These concepts are valid and true. Scripture even supports them when it says:

“As a man thinks in his heart…so is he” (Proverbs 27:3)

So, with this knowledge comes the understanding that the direction of your thoughts lead to the direction of your life.  Therefore, it is important that you maintain a complete awareness of what you are thinking.

Studies reveal that the average human has approximately 60,000 thoughts per day.   And for those, like me, whose brains never stop working…there can be even more than that!!  🙂

Because there are so many thoughts running through your mind each day, it is next to impossible to monitor them all, but you can monitor the climate of your thought life by being aware and attentive to your feelings.  Thoughts influence your feelings, therefore if you are feeling bad, angry, depressed, or frustrated, this can be a “red flag” for you to pause and trace that feeling back to the thought processes or patterns that led you down that path to begin with.

Left unaltered, negative thinking can lead to negative living.  The reason for this is simple – negative energy creates or attracts more negative energy, and ultimately – negative outcomes.  Therefore, once identified, it is essential that you consistently practice taking immediate and focused action to correct your thinking and bring it back into alignment with the direction you want your life to take…a positive peaceful and focused direction.

Techniques  To Eliminate Negative Thought Patterns and Change Your Life

There are many techniques you can use to refocus yourself, eliminate negative thought patterns, and bring balance back to your thought life.  Some of the techniques I personally use and have found to be most effective are prayer, meditation, breathing exercises, and self-talk (aka: affirmations or desire statements).

All of these help me recenter my thought patterns and bring my thoughts into alignment with my intended goals and desired direction for life.

For the purposes of this post, I want to focus on one of these, and we will save the others for future discussions.

Self-Talk and Your Thought Life

To really demonstrate the power and effectiveness of self-talk, I want to share with you a small portion of my personal journey with this technique.

Millionaire Mentors: Steven Thompson, Krista Abbott, Brad Hager, and Susan Walsh

I first began using self-talk about a year ago after a millionaire mentor of mine (Brad Hager) shared with me the importance of how it had impacted his life.  As is typical with most “new habits” we try to form, it faded away after about two months.  Amazingly, this happened even though I was seeing positive results with the actions I was taking with self-talk.  There are lots of reasons this can happen, but again that’s another post for another day…on with the story!

About a month ago, I began to notice a significant increase in negative thought patterns, so much so that it was impacting my motivation to pursue those things I am most passionate about.  Immediately, I sat down and started to write out some positive self-talk that would help me combat these things.  And, within two weeks, I had instant results of overcoming and eliminating that particular thought pattern in my life.

I have seen the power of self-talk and I know it works. If your self talk is negative, then your results will be negative.  If your self talk is positive then your results will be positive.  If you really want to have the outcomes and results you desire in your life, then you MUST recognize and eliminate negative thought patterns, and replace them with new ones.

This is called “Renewing Your Mind”.

“…be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” (Romans 12:2)

I would encourage you to identify areas that you are know you are struggling with positive thinking in and write out your own self-talk for those areas you are most passionate about.  It’s easy to do this, I’ll give you a few easy steps and some examples here:

10 Easy Steps To Creating Your Own Self-Talk

  1. Get about 10 index cards (3 x 5 size),  a piece of scratch paper, and a writing instrument
  2. Draw a line down the middle of the scratch paper
  3. Think about the things you want to see manifest in your life and jot those down in column one of the scratch paper.  For example:  I want to make more money.”
  4. Think about the negative thought patterns you have that block those things from coming into your life and jot those down in column two of the scratch paper.  For example, “…why can’t I ever seem to get ahead in life.”
  5. Repeat this until you feel satisfied that all you want to manifest in your life is represented in column one and all the things that block you are in column two.
  6. If you have more than 10, then you may want to narrow your focus and identify the Top 10 and save the rest for later.
  7. It is recommended that you categorize the 10 items if possible.  For example: using cateogories such as “feelings”, “mindset”, “finances”, “relationships”, etc.
  8. Next, take your 3 x 5 cards and one by one begin to write a positive statement that addresses the desire you have written in column one and counteracts the negative thought patterns you have identified in column 2.  For example, “I am a money magnet, money flows to me easily and effortlessly.  It feels great to be able to give generously and help others with my excess money.”
  9. Make sure you use “feeling words” as much as possible to support the visualization that goes with your self talk.
  10. Repeat this until you have your 10 cards written.

What To Do With Your Self-Talk Cards

I make it a habit to read each of my cards each morning when I wake up and each night before I go to sleep.  The reason for this is that scientific studies have shown that these are the times when your brain is most open to receive and retain the information presented to it.  So it is very important that the first thing you think about each day and the last thing you think about each night is positive.  Then these thoughts can work into the deeper and more influential portions of your brain.

Now, when reading them practice reading with these steps:’

  1. Read silently to yourself and think about what you are reading
  2. Read it out loud so that you can hear yourself saying it.
  3. Pause and purposefully feel how the manifestation of that statement will feel when it arrives in your life.
  4. Hold that feeling for at least a minute.
  5. When ready move on to the next card and repeat until finished.

Keep your self-talk cards handy and accessible throughout the day.  Frankly, you will want to keep these cards with you as much as possible.  I actually carry mine around in my computer bag (which goes with me almost everywhere I go). Anytime you identify some feelings that are counter-productive to the positive energy you want to generate in your life, you can pull out these cards and read through them.  It is best to read them aloud so that you hear yourself saying them…this helps solidify the belief and build your faith.

“…faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word…”  (Romans 10:17)

If you are in a public place or around a lot of people and are not able (or not comfortable) reading them aloud, then that’s fine.  Read them silently to yourself and focus all of your energy on feeling what that statement would feel like when those things manifest in your life.

Examples of Self-Talk

Category:  Feelings

I am aware of my feelings and when they are moving me away from my goals.  I quickly redirect my thoughts to achieve positive, winning, and profitable outcomes.  I enjoy being open and receptive to the gifts and abundance flowing into my life.

Category:  Belief System

I live a “no-limits” mindset.  I believe I can have, do, and be anything I want.  There are no limits to the level of success, happiness, money, love, relationships, good opportunities, or blessings that can come into my life.  It feels great to live so free and abundant.  I believe!

Category:  Gratitude

I notice all of the abundance and beauty around me.  I feel gratitude for the abundant blessings in my life and for all of the resources available at my finger tips.  I receive all of the gifts and good things God brings into my life.  I freely and generously share with others who are in need.

Category:  Passion

I live my passion every day.  It feels amazing to love what I do and to have people pay me for it, and pay me well.  I am fulfilled and successful because I follow my heart and live my passion daily.

Summary and Call to Action

Well my friends, I know this has been a long post, but I felt the need to share this information with you to help you on your journey to success.  I encourage you to take an hour out of your day to take these action steps outlined above and create some positive self talk for yourself.  Create a habit in your life and watch your mind get transformed and your life changed.  I truly believe that if you do this, and do it consistently that you will see the results and the manifestations of the things that you desire begin to come into your life faster and easier than you ever imagined possible.

If you have found this post helpful, I ask that you bookmark it, digg it,  share it, re-tweet it, and leave some comments below.

Passionate About Your Success!!

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    • Beverly Colby
    • 21 Sep

    Krista, you express it so well This is a great reminder. I need to get back on track. Immediately I thought of 3 negative thoughts that keep whirling around in my mindI As you suggested I wrote them down and then wrote a positive affirmation to say in the morning at daybreak and the evening before shut-eye.

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Sarah Hopkins
    • 28 May

    Wow Krista such a valuable post! I enjoyed it very much!

    Self Talk and the power of Positive Affirmations are something that I have really been getting into over the past few months and I must say that these exercises have most definitely changed my life on a HUGE level, already.

    Thank you so much for the incredible content as always Krista!

  4. What a great post Krista. I’m a huge believer that our mindset holds the keys to success. I love your scriptural references as well. I just read As a Man Thinketh again for probably the 8th time. I’m going to have to stop by more often and read more. Take care.

  5. Mind set will lead you in the right way when your thinking and believing on your vision. I enjoyed your post. I work on this everyday to reboot my mind to think like God want’s me too.

  6. Hi Krista, Your blog is beautiful! and I really enjoyed you video…it’s a touch that let’s people feel that they are connected. I am very enthusiastic about your subject of eliminating negativity in your life…that is the central theme of my blog, so I’m particularly interested in how that can sabotage you personnally and professionally. Thanks so much. I am anxious to come back and read more and connecting with you later.
    Joan Spahr

  7. Krista, eliminating negative thought is one of the most important things in our success journey. You have done an excellent job in explaining how to eliminating negative thoughts. Not only did you list ways to develop self talk, you gave detail examples. Thanks for this very important post.

    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City USA

  8. Hey Krista,

    I enjoyed this post and these really help getting those negative thoughts out of your system.

    I like creating listings and outweighing the negative with the positive. It helps to clear your mind.

    When ever I am struggling, I will just start writing and come up with a new idea, maybe a blog post or a webinar.

    It does help, just have to take the time to do it.

    Thanks again for the post :)!!

    Tommy D.

  9. Hi Krista…Thanks for submitting this post. I really enjoyed your teaching about negative thoughts and how to deal with them.

    The 10 steps that you outlined seem very easy to implement, and should definitely help anyone that is having these types of problems.

    ~ Tim

  10. Krista,

    This is an awesome post! We all know the power of positive self talk, but here you’ve taken us a step further in our self growth by teaching us how to put it to work in our lives on a personal level.

    I love how you emphasize the importance of feeling the feelings associated with the affirmations we use. This is crucial, and a step that many seem to miss.

    Thanks for giving us some examples….this is great stuff!!!

  11. Hi Krista – great Blog – you can get brain freeze thinking about this stuff sometimes. Law of attraction, serendipity, quantum physics and the great unknown that is the brain.

    i like the simple digestible philosophy that we attract into our lives that which is consistent with our dominant thoughts

    Cheers Kiaran from mostly Sunny perth!

  12. Krista,

    Great post. I appreciate that you provided the practical steps for application and topics to jump start us. Additionally, I appreciate your references to scripture.

    I use a similar process of note cards with the addition of subliminal audio tracks that I listen to throughout the day.



  13. Hi Krista, I really enjoyed your post. It seemed that I found something really inspiring. Such a good motivation. Self Talk could really bring out the best in YOU… 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hi Krista,

    the Self talk cards sound like a great idea. If nothing else, the act of writing those positive thoughts down would have and effect, because it involves the thinking, seeing and writing.

    I love your you Categories too.

    Thank you so much!

    Love and Light

  15. Krista,

    Wow, what an amazing post on negative thoughts and how to work through them. You gave some great tips and advice, but my favorite is the self talk. It’s so important to know when and how to quickly move past all those negative thoughts that pops into our brain. And they do come in waves and cycles.

    We seem to perpetuate good thoughts as well as negative thoughts. I love that we now know about pattern interruptions, life the self talk and the other great tips you shared. And that we can actually start to change where these thoughts come from.

    I’ve noticed a difference in my thoughts as well as my outlook on the day, if I’ve done my self talk or not. We have the power and choice to take action towards these crippling thoughts or not. Like you…I chose action.

    Keep sharing the great value you have.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

  16. Fabulous post, Krista! I use the same 3 techniques you do to get myself out of negative patterns ~ often find combining all 3 works best!

    And wow, 60,000 thoughts/day? Somehow that doesn’t surprise me with the rate my mind goes! Seems we have that in common….I think it’s part of being a woman! 🙂

    Thank you for the great exercise on reframing negative thoughts into positive affirmations. Very powerful stuff you’re writing about here!

  17. i really love this post. This inspired me with “Self Talk’. A lot of people really (maybe including me) not that really confident about it. but because of this wonderful and inspiring post – I’ll make sure that I’ll overcome this like you did and be more positive.. =)

  18. I am Gary Young and new to TSA. Love the brain illustration. I have used in in powerpoint myself. We are our thoughts. Kind of like you are what you eat but much more important.

  19. Ths is really helpful… and practical… Krista.

    Most of our self-talk is silent and sporadic. Taking the time to write out cards, and making a point to recite them puts us in control of our self-image.

    The take-away for me: Don’t allow your self-image to just happen. Shape it into the self you desire… intentionally and purposefully.

    Thanks again., Krista, some great ideas (and activities!) here.

  20. Krista,
    Thanks for such a detailed and useful post on self-talk and creating a more positive, proactive life! Love the categories of “gratitude” and “passion” especially! Those are the big parts of my life and practice.
    Thanks so much,

  21. Hi Krista,

    What a great post. I love your ideas for eliminating the negative self talk in fact, I believe I’ll give them a try myself. Thank you so much for the tips.

  22. Wonderful post Krista! You don’t need me to tell you that though when you read through the comments. 🙂 What I like most about it was your transparency in sharing your own struggles. The more you can do that the more ‘real’ you are to everyone visiting who are looking for people to connect.

    Abundant Blessings of HUGS my friend.

  23. As I am reading this I am believing that the importance in taking action is paramount. Really using techniques as this to keep you on the path to success and leadership rather than “trying” it out is the thing that gives one the slight edge that makes all the difference. Those that blow off the “little” things are often left wondering what gives. Step up and take action.

    I so appreciate what you share Krista because it is real and it is you.

  24. Hi Krista,

    Thank you for this post. I especially think that gratitude is so important. Sometimes we focus on what we don’t have instead praising God for what we do have!

    Always balancing,


  25. Krista…wonderful post. You know there is another scripture that speaks to this as well. I don’t remember the exact words but it speaks to taking every thought captive. It is not exactly in line with “self-talk” but it certainly is a part of “renewing your mind.”

    The tips with the cards is excellent. It reminds me of walking around with Greek vocabulary cards when I was in college everywhere I went. It was actually a form of “self talk” itself as I was setting up myself to learning what I needed to learn.

    Thanks for your post Krista…very good!

    • Bruce,

      I can’t believe I have met another person who used those Greek vocabulary cards too!!! Did you have your’s on a little round key ring so you could flip them?? I did!! In fact I think I still have those greek vocab cards somewhere!
      Awesome Stuff!!

      And yes, the “taking thoughts captive” scripture is right up there on my list!! In fact, we talked about that one in my mastermind group on this topic, and I can’t believe I left that one out of this post! Thanks for mentioning it here!


  26. Krista,

    Thanks for sharing this , i learned something new today, Great idea with the Self Talk Cards, I might have to try it for myself.. Glad to connect with you on TSA and look forward to reading more.

    • Hey Chris,
      Great to connect with you on TSA as well! Love the energy in your gravatar pic!


  27. Hi Krista,

    I love the idea of the cards. I plan to put that idea to use. Thanks for this awesome post.


    • Melodie,
      My pleasure! I look forward to hearing about your experience with self talk.


  28. Hi Krista,

    This is a most amazing post. Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into it. I used affirmations and positive self-talk to lose weight. I have mine written on bright, happy, neon-colored, spiral-bound index cards and carry them with me to review throughout the day as well.

    What you suggested here to “pause and purposefully feel how the manifestation of that statement will feel when it arrives in your life,” and to hold onto that feeling for a minute is something I can take away and implement to improve on what I am already doing.

    I’m grateful. Have a great weekend!

    • Debbie,
      Awesome job on sticking with your self talk and seeing results!!!

      I like the bright neon cards…much more fun than the boring white ones right!! I use those two 😉

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!


  29. Krista I just love this idea of having self-talk cards. How powerful is that. I am guilty also of finding a really great technique and see its results in my life but it slowly slips for my conscious awareness. I like the idea that the cards can be taken out again and reused so to speak if need be.

    • Belinda,
      Absolutely. I find old cards all the time. I try to keep them all, even when I retire them so I can come back to them in the future and experience the gratitude and faith building that comes from realizing how far I have come in the area addressed on the “retired card”.


  30. Hey Krista

    Wow you put a ton of thought and effort into this post. First of all I can tell is that you spend a lot of time utilizing these types of tools on yourself because you KNOW of what you speak!! This is not the type of material that you can write about without practicing or “walking you talk” if you know what I mean, and it shows in your videos, by your extremely positive nature!
    I love how you give more than one way to attack the issue, especially the two column exercise. I have done that and it works. Journaling always helps, when you “dump” negative thoughts out of your “crowded” brain, onto paper, they usually get sorted out and you can get clarity.

    Thanks for the great post!
    Laura Morris

    • Laura,
      Wow! Thanks for your awesome and inspiring words. Journaling is also another tool I use. Like you, I find it helpful to just let the free flow of thoughts get out on paper then when I’m done, I always like to go back and identify those negative thoughts and then counteract them with some positive ones. In addition to the self-talk cards, I also have a positive thinking journal, where I sit and handwrite (yes old school hand write) positive and affirming thoughts filled with gratitude. What an amazing mindset exercise to engage in each day.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  31. Hey Krista! What a great exercise to help transform negative habits. Once we have the awareness of what our self talk actually is, we can come from a place of empowerment to change it. Thanks for taking the time to share these awesome exercises! And thanks for being YOU 😉

    • Jenny Jenn!
      Thanks my friend. Always awesome to see you here and hear from you. Appreciate your comments and totally agree with what you are saying about coming from a place of empowerment. It makes all the difference when we are aware of what is actually going on in these fabulous minds of ours.


  32. This post is fantastic, Krista! I’m going to be using some of your examples as well as writing some of my own. Thank you for all the great ideas you share!

    • Teresa,
      My pleasure! Look forward to hearing how your development of self talk goes!


  33. Wow Krista – THis is such an inspiring post! I had never heard of self talk techniques before this. I am going to have to give it a try now! Thanks for sharing

    • Glyna,
      My pleasure. Self talk is both powerful and amazing. I have seen fast and noticeable changes in my life since I started practicing this on a regular basis.

      I look forward to hearing more about your experience with self talk.


  34. Krista, This is fabulous!! It took me a long time (too long I might add) to realize how powerful mindset and thought patterns are. Without a doubt, you will change the lives of many. Thank you for sharing this!


    • Michelle,
      I hear you! I have often said since learning these concepts, that I wish I had learned them sooner in life. But…better now than never! I’m just glad we have this amazing information now so that we can change our present and our future for the better!


  35. Hi Krista,
    I’m so glad I stumbled across your post today. It creates courage because it reminds us of something we all know but we all tend to forget that thoughts are things. We need to become aware of our thoughts in order to live a life in peace and harmony. Once we are aware of our thoughts, it’s crucial to unclutter our mind from negative stuff. You offer great advice how that can be done. Keep up your great work.
    Take care

    • Oliver,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I agree, awareness of our thoughts is key to being able to rid our mind from negative clutter. Thanks for being you!


  36. Hello Krista,

    I enjoyed your article and also was able to reaffirm my position when comes to getting rid of those negative thoughts. Those thoughts are no more then projecting a negative out come in the future. What a waste of energy!

    Make it a great day!
    Lloyd Dobson 🙂

    • Lloyd,

      Agree. And, I actually think the negative thoughts take more energy to create than the positive ones. The positive thought patterns actually generate energy whereas the negative ones seem to zap it.


  37. Krista,
    Love your list of ideas for Self Talk. How empowering to keep these on hand to reinforce your desires. There are so many wonderful ideas flowing out of our Mastermind group. Each one is great on their own, yet pulling them all together is awesome!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas on empowerment!
    Val 🙂

    • Val,
      Indeed. Our mastermind group is a unique group of masters perfectly put together. Amazing how God worked out the connections for us in the group. Never ceases to amaze me.


  38. This is a very detailed post on a very important subject. I love the way you broke it down to a step by step process to us to follow.

    Thanks for the inspiration and the action plan.

    Keep it coming!

    • Jose,

      Thanks. I have found this to be so valuable in my life, that for the success of all of those who stop by here, I really wanted to share.

      Appreciate all you do my friend!


  39. Aloha Krista,

    Wow, incredible article on negative thought patterns! The cards are an excellent idea. I got that at a Bob Proctor seminar and have carried cards like those for years too!

    It take effort to be aware of our self talk, however, when we are aware of the self talk, then we can choose to change it or repeat the wonderful things we say to ourselves!

    And yes, thought do become things!

    Thank you for your detailed and very informative post!

    Kellie 🙂

    Latest post:

    • Kellie,
      Yes, I have heard Bob Proctor talk about using these too. It is amazing to me how powerful such a simple action can be and how much impact it can have on our lives and our future. Thank you for taking the time to comment today.


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