The Importance of Debriefing…or for Internet Marketers AB testing.

DEBRIEFING….What questions should you ask yourself? What are the steps to Debriefing?

Today, I was watching a video clip of the Blue Angels.  For those who do not know who the Blue Angels are, they are an elite group of pilots who perform in air shows around the nation.  These guys know how to fly and are the “top guns” in their profession.  They do all of these super awesome moves in planes that cost “boo-koos” of money…so you know they are NO JOKE!!

The thing I found most intriguing is that, according to this video, these pilots spend more time in the debriefing process than they do in the actual performance in the air show.

During their debrief they critique themselves in front of their peers and share both their good points and their opportunities for improvement.  They always admit their own mistakes in the performance and recognize where they need to make improvements for next time.  Then they set a plan in motion to correct those errors in flight before the next air show.

I had a few reminders and “ah-ha moments” while watching this today and so I wanted to put my thoughts together in a quick video for you.  So, check out my video below to hear what I’m talking about.  In it, I reveal some of the crucial questions you must ask yourself in the debriefing process.

Well, there you go. Debrief sessions are crucial to any business and/or organization, including internet marketing and network marketing. Internet marketers practice this concept “mid-game” all the time through “A/B testing”. In order to be successful and grow your business, you have to be willing to look at what you are doing with a critical eye and make adjustments as you go along.  If you do these things, and do them consistently, then success is inevitable for you!

Have you had any experiences with debrief sessions?
How did they help you?
What steps do you take to improve your processes?

Share your comments with the community here below, your tips could be the answer someone is looking for.

Yours for Continuous Improvement,

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    • Nasreen Nadeem
    • 14 Sep

    First of all , I thankful for this important material.I think these are these are the keys to grow more and these are the tools to develop the confidence in people.
    I think if we follow , we can gain more through this .
    With love,

      • KristaAbbott
      • 16 Jun

      Awesome! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment. Truly appreciate it. Many blessings to you.

    • James
    • 11 Dec

    Hi Krista
    Thanks, i need more of this training because am more of social work than business and i have ever tried the MLM things and landed in thieves.
    Because i have known you on the social network. i hope you can help more to gain the confidence again these issues.

  1. Hi Krista,

    How awesome to see your smiling face on video!

    This is such an important topic.
    Just as we say the most important meeting is always the ‘meeting after the meeting’, the magic also happens in the ‘debrief after the meeting’.

    Just as the space shuttle is kept on course through regular, small incremental adjustments, so are our paths to success.
    Of course the fastest way to know where the improvements can be made, is during the debrief!
    .-= Michaelé Harrington´s last blog ..How To Create A Raving Tribe Of Cheerleaders Begging To Syndicate YOUR Content =-.

    • @Michaelé Harrington,
      Hey Michaele’!! Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with me here. 🙂

      I like your comparison of space shuttle debriefs with our path to success. If we have regular “check points” along the way and make those needed corrections to our path, we are more likely to achieve the success we are reaching for. Awesome thought!


  2. Hi Krista,

    Excellent blog… you’ve definitely got the whole comments thing going on here 🙂 Loads of em’ which is great.

    Sounds like you are having fun in the syndication networks!

    Look forward to catching up with you soon,
    Gavin Mountford
    .-= Gavin Mountford´s last blog ..Help, I’m Drowning In A Flood Of Email! Save Me… =-.

  3. Hey Krista!

    Wow, I’ve seen the Blue Angels several times and it’s hard to imagine that they would have anything critical to say of their performances. I guess that just goes to show that no matter how excellent we are, there’s always room for improvement.

    And yes, I agree that it’s incredibly important for us to analyze our mistakes and to learn and grow from them. One of the essential elements of living a good and productive life.

    After all, we are the sum of all of our experiences, failures and successes – and are always growing!
    .-= Kathy Jodrey´s last blog ..Blog Syndication Made Quick & Simple with OnlyWire =-.

    • @Kathy Jodrey, Hey Kathy. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I completely agree that there is always room for improvement and life affords us opportunities to grow and learn each and every day through our experiences. It’s how we manage those experiences and apply those learning opportunities that gives us the most useful result.

  4. Krista, The Blue Angels perform in San Diego—I’ve seen their show many times. It makes sense that their debriefing would be so comprehensive.

    This reminds me of the book “Outliers”. Have you read it?

    The points you made in the video are critical, especially the first one: Asking yourself what you did right. It is easy for me to lose focus on that positive side.
    .-= Darlene Davis´s last blog ..Notes From A Kindle Junkie – Part I =-.

    • Hey Darlene
      I have not read the book “Outliers” (yet), but if my post reminded you of it, then maybe I should. Thanks for the tip…is it available on Kindle?

  5. I remember seeing the Blue Angels live when I was a kid. There is nothing like it. Watching to F-18 (I think) come head on, rotate and pass by each other at 100 feet is incredible…

    Can you imagine if they didn’t debrief? Catastrophe….Never thought about this in a business sense. Great idea.
    .-= Nick Logan´s last blog ..By: David Merrill =-.

    • You are right Nick. We see super awesome things all the time and sometimes don’t think about what goes on behind the scenes to make it all so awesome in the first place. This concept can literally be applied to anything in life – business practices, personal practices, anything…. Wow! Your comment just took my “Ah-Ha” to a whole new level….If the Blue Angels and corporations around the globe debrief to improve their performance, why wouldn’t we? Our lives…our businesses…our personal goals are MORE valuable than the planes they are flying. Thanks for commenting, you have me in deeper thought on the matter now. 🙂 Nice.

  6. Great insights on the importance of evaluating our performances ~ something that’s really great to do with a partner, because at least for me, i have moments where I can’t see what went wrong until i’m in a good dialogue with someone about it. And on the flip side, I’m sure I don’t always give myself the kudos I may deserve!

    I also have to add that the Blue Angles ROCK! They fly right over our house when they’re in San Francisco every year….they are crazy loud, but what they do is truly out of this world! 🙂
    .-= Beth Allen´s last blog ..The Power of Tribe Syndication: The Internet has Evolved, have YOU? =-.

    • Hey Beth! Great to see you!! Yes – I like debriefing with a partner too. Sometimes they can help us see areas (both positive and requiring improvement) that we may not be able to see on our own. And, yes – talking it out can bring us to innovative solutions to resolve the areas needing improvement. Thanks for your thoughts. 🙂

  7. Krista I really appreciate your energy! We’re all learning and with every mistake we make we have to recognize the learning involved was invaluable. Split testing is a remarkable concept that can bring tremedenous benefit. Keep teaching, keep sharing, and you will help millions in the process!
    .-= Kellie Frazier´s last blog ..Do I “Have” To Emotionally Connect On Social Media Sites? =-.

    • Yes Kellie! Split testing can make ALL the difference in the level of success a campaign can have. I hope to write more on this in the near future. So much we can do with that concept. Mike Dillard has it “in the bag” with that one.

  8. Krista,

    Thanks for sharing your insight on this topic. It is a key factor in life that we always go back and analyze what we did wrong and more importantly, what we did right. Reaffirming what we did right will keep us in the mindset and will make future situations more repetitive!

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

    Dave and Dawn
    .-= Dave and Dawn´s last blog ..Knowledge – The “NEW” Money =-.

    • Thanks Dave and Dawn. Absolutely – keeping the positives in our repertoire is crucial. Equally important is recognizing the “whoops” moments so that we can fix them and not do them again next time. Repeat the rights + Fix the wrongs = Create Success.

      Good thoughts, thanks!

  9. Great insights Krista.
    I appreciate the idea of Debriefing.
    We should all add this to our lives and our business.
    It is critical to the process of growth.
    Thanks for sharing it with us all.
    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

    • Hey Edward
      Thanks for stopping by. Great to read your encouraging words here. I agree, EVERYONE can benefit from this practice.

  10. Thanks, Krista!
    Extremely useful video. I actually took notes!

    • Hey Thanks Teresa! Glad you could use some of the information. It was an “on the fly” post (no pun intended…LOL).

  11. Great blog post and video! Debriefing is so imprtant in the corporate world as well as online. Please keep up these kind of blog posts because you give very good value!

    Thanks so much!
    .-= Michael Feil´s last blog ..Don’t Let This Phrase Destroy Your Business! =-.

  12. what a video, great stuff Krista
    I am convinced,
    Debriefing is very important
    .-= jean´s last blog ..‘The Tribal Syndication Power Hour’ =-.

    • Thank you Jean. I agree…debriefing is one of the most important things we can do as individuals, business owners, or leaders in organizations. I debrief on at least “one something” every day….sometimes more than one. It helps me continue to improve and get better at the things I do each day.

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