How To Define Success For “Your” Life?

Let’s talk about success today.

After all, I HAVE built my personal brand around inspiring people to unleash success in their lives.

In doing that, I have talked a lot about determination, perspective, how to handle your dreams…I’ve even shared some social media management tips, business building concepts, communication strategies and mindset practices.

But, what I realized last week, was this: I haven’t really addressed success in the simplest form. What I mean by that is looking at it from a defining standpoint, and digging into what it really means for you as an individual.

See, I have been going through some serious self assessment these last few weeks, which is one reason why I haven’t posted any new information. I do this periodically in life, just to check my path and make sure I am still headed the direction I want to head with my life, my business, etc. This time though I purposed to do it deeper, to do it stronger, and to really dig around deep in my heart to make sure I am on the path I want to be on.

What Is Success?

See, success means different things to different people.

For one person it may mean a fine career with benefits and a pension plan. To another, it may mean a loving family with the basic needs of life met. To another it may mean reaching an educational milestone or attaining some sort of distinction in their chosen career path. To another, it may mean building a successful corporation with millions, or even billions of dollars in assets and revenue.

Success, by way of Webster’s definition is “the act of achieving or accomplishing”, and “to reach a desired end”.

I think the definition of success runs much deeper than that though. What you equate with success and what I equate with success may be two completely different things.

I believe success is really found when a person is happy and fulfilled doing whatever it is that they are doing. Success is not measured by how much a person achieves or accomplishes in life, as most people believe.

Your success can only be measured by you. Do you feel successful? Did you reach or achieve the goal that you had for yourself? Are you happy and fulfilled doing what you do? If you answered yes to these questions, then you – my friend – are successful.

No other person on the planet can define success for you, you must define it for yourself.

How Do You Define Success?

So in order to define success for yourself, you must ask yourself a few questions, and be brutally honest when you answer them.

1. What is your personal definition of success?
2. What does success look like to you?
3. Do you feel successful? If no, why not?
4. What needs to change in your life in order for you to feel success?
5. What do you believe you need in order to have peace and meaning in your life?
6. What do you do each day that brings you joy and fulfillment?
7. What makes you feel energized and motivated?
8. How often do you do those things you listed in items 5-7?
9. What prevents you from doing more of those things?
10. What steps can you take to ensure you have these things in your life?

Once you have answered these questions as honestly as you can, then you will have a pretty good idea of what success looks like for you, personally.

Next, you want to FORGET everything you have ever heard or learned about success from anyone else, including your family and closest friends. You have your very own perspective of success, and now you can begin living YOUR life, the way YOU want to live it in order to see those things YOU deem important, fulfilling, and meaningful manifest.

Success Scenario in 4 Simple Steps

Finally, to really make this real for yourself, you can write a personal success scenario. This is really easy to do.

1. Think about what success looks like for you.
2. Write it down in story format (this can be as long or short as you wish, as long as it reflects what your personal picture of success would be).
3. Read it and think about it each day.
4. Express gratitude to God for bringing you to a place of personal success in your life

Now, because I truly care about your success, and helping you get there.  I decided to go the extra mile for you today.  🙂

Seriously…to make this process a little easier for you, I created two downloadable worksheets you can use to walk yourself through these steps.

You can access them here:

Defining Success Worksheet 1

Defining Success Worksheet 2

I would love to hear your thoughts on success.  Drop down below and leave me some comments.  As always, if you found value, re-tweets, bookmarking, and facebook shares are always appreciated!!

Always Supporting Your Personal Success Goals!!

PS. If you found these resources helpful, you will LOVE Krista’s 7 Day video series on “Secrets to Unleashing Success”. You can get it for free…just fill in your name and email in the box at the top right of this page.

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  2614. Hi Krista,

    This is a wonderful post. In a world run by Hollywood Movie stars, and fast paced advertising, it would be easy to believe success comes from having things! Eventually, we figure out this is just a way to get us to buy more stuff!

    I produced a video on youtube called “It’s A Wonderful Life” It’s a play on the film with James Stewart in whch he lives his life doing what he feels is right wondering if he will ever achieve success, only to discover just being himself was the answer.

    In our Success driven world, I think we should back off sometimes and realise that success comes from doing what you do! Reflecting on how happy we are, what we get excited about, and then live life to the full following whatever our passion is.

    I am not a multi billionaire, but I do have a wonderful life in so many ways. Now I spend most of my time figuring out ways to make it easier for others to achieve their dreams. The rewards of this are beyond money and possessions.

    Thanks again, and keep up the good work. You are an angel.

  2615. This is an awesome post Krista. I personally agree you need to understand what your vision of success is.

    I personally believe success is a journey toward becoming the perfect manifestation of our vision of happiness and abundance. We can never achieve perfection but in reaching for perfection we achieve excellence.

    Be Blessed & Have Success

    Arthur Bernier Jr.

  2616. Krista,

    I really like this post. There’s a lot of meat and reasons why you need to evaluate a core topic for yourself. I think a lot of people bring a pre0conceived notion based upon what someone else told them.

    The additio9n of the links are perfect. Allowing someone to really take away a measurable gift is awesome.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

  2617. HI Krista, I guess its a matter of taking the “red pill or the blue pill” … Do you want to settle and say “I am successful”? I guess you would be determining your own definition of success in that situation; it doesn’t make it truth though. “Truth does not become any more true by the virtue of the fact that the entire world agrees with it nor less so if the entire world disagrees with it” … Its as simple as this: Success defined is basically “achieving or accomplishing” … You can surely be happy along the way and feel a lot of fulfillment but if you stop 1/2 way and SAY/DETERMINE/DECIDE that you’re successful, that is just lying to yourself, my friend! Great blog post. I really like your blog here.
    God Bless,

  2618. Krista
    Everything you ever wanted out of life is at your finger tips. Everything you are seeking is now yours.

    Everything you are learning you are giving back so we also are encouraged to delve into our lives with prayerful thought and consideration.

    Debby Beachy

  2619. Good post and very cool of you to go the extra mile and include two downloads as well 😀

  2620. Hi Krista –

    What a fantastic post! You have put it all in a nutshell, and the addition of the worksheets is absolute genius!

    Two points that particularly stuck out for me were that our success is our own and the fact that we need to express gratitude for the things we have and for those things that we know, through pure faith, are already happening in our lives going forward.

    Going a step forward with the gratitude, however, is a life of appreciation. That didn’t really hit me until I watched a wonderful video this morning by Abraham-Hicks on the difference between gratitude and appreciation. I’m thrilled to share the link here for your readers:

  2621. Hi Krista,
    We all have unique drives and needs, goals and dreams. Your post is really supportive because it is tailored for that. And our definition of success changes throughout our lives, sometimes by the week!
    Good stuff,
    Carolyn from TSA

  2622. Aloha Krista,

    Thank you so much for your detailed definition of success. You bring up very good points for all of us to ponder on, You had us really think about our definition of success and that is what really matters.

    Thank you also for providing worksheets for everyone to use. Very cool Krista!

    Much aloha,
    Kellie 🙂

  2623. Krista…what a great list of questions to help people evaluate their own concepts of success. I am sure that if we can’t somehow put our concepts into a sharable format (so that we can understand them) it may just be that we never know where to go and thus never get there. Thanks for this great post!

  2624. Krista,
    I love your list of questions to use when defining your personal success. I agree that each person should evaluate what success looks like to them. Since everyone has their own dreams and visions, following your own dream begins with discovering what really excites you.

    Definitely listen to your heart, not other people’s opinion of how your life should look!
    Val 😉

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