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What Does It Mean To Partner With God?

As God’s partners, created in his image—we have the ability within us to create something, to envision (or dream) of new things, and pull them from our imagination into reality with our words and actions. We have the ability to have authority in a particular area that God has called us to influence.

Prophetic Word: Go Ahead and Jump!

The new year has arrived and the prophetic word for this month is “Go Ahead and Jump!” God is saying that we are now crossing over into a season where it is not only safe to jump and take that leap of faith that you have been thinking about taking for such a long time, but it is now required that we jump in order to be in the overflow of what He is pouring…

Prophetic Word: New Doors Are Opening

New Doors Are Opening There are new doors opening before you, even now. Dreams that have long been lost, goals that have long been abandoned, desires that seem forgotten—God is breathing new life into these areas of your life. Those things that seemed dead, will now spring forth with new life. God’s promises for your future, are alive and active. His words will go ahead of you to fulfill what they were intended to fulfill.…

Prophetic Word: 2017 is the Year of Dreams (Plan. Prepare. Pursue.)

2017 is your year to pursue your dreams, it is the year of dreams coming true. The month of January is all about preparing to pursue what God has put in your heart to do ... This is a year for dream chasers to arise and pull their dreams into reality.   The beginning of a new year always involves a time of self reflection and establishing of new goals and priorities for the new year.  For many there's just something about the feeling of a clean slate and a nice crisp new calendar that makes us feel like we…

Prophetic Word: Three Words of Wisdom for What God is Releasing Now

Prophetic Word: Three Words of Wisdom for What God is Releasing Now I have three words of wisdom for you this month that will help you prepare for what God is getting ready to release in the month of December.  This month’s prophetic word is all about releasing, receiving, and recovering. In the United States, we have entered into the Christmas season, a time marked by the giving and receiving of gifts. It is a season that honors the birth of Jesus Christ, the season commemorating the time God gave His perfect and best gift to humanity. In honor of this…

Prophetic Word: 5 Steps to Prepare for New Assignments

The prophetic word of the Lord for the month of November is to get things ready for what is ahead, so God has given me 5 steps to help you prepare for the new assignments coming your way in the new year. As I discussed briefly in last month’s prophetic post, we have just come out of God’s new year season of Rosh Hashanah, which means that we are already in the new year 5777 on God’s timeline. I talked quite a bit about these Holy Days (instead of holidays) in last month’s blog post, so if you haven’t read that yet,…

Prophetic Word: The Year 5777 & the 7 R’s of October

Prophetic Word: The Year 5777 & the 7 R's of October October is a very prophetically significant month.  October becomes Roc-tober this year as we transition into a new year on God’s calendar and things begin to shift and change in the heavenly atmospheres. The Days of Awe begin on October 2 and run for 10 days through sundown on October 12, including the holy days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Personally, for the past five or six years, I have routinely practiced honoring of these days, and I have observed significant shifts happen in my life because of…